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A view of the Linfield University McMinnville Campus academic quad on an early winter morning with the sun shining.

Sonia Priscila Ticas

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Sonia Priscila Ticas
Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies Global Languages and Cultural Studies Department Spanish Program Director

Walker 322


I have always been mesmerized by language’s creative power and the ability to communicate with people across cultural and geographic boundaries. Besides English and Spanish, I’ve gained fluency in French through study abroad and enjoy learning Italian as a life-long endeavor. I seek opportunities to engage in cultural activities of all sorts and I’m constantly inspired by meeting people who enhance my interpersonal skills. I share my linguistic and cross-cultural abilities in the classroom or while traveling abroad with students to places as diverse as Costa Rica, Mexico, Morocco or Spain. Typical courses I teach include Spanish language at various levels, Latin American and Spanish civilizations and cultures through film, literature, history and gender studies. My professional work is mainly in poetry translation, women writers and the history of women’s suffrage in Central America, particularly El Salvador.


  • B.A., California State University, Northridge
  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Academic interests

Latin American cultures, film and gender studies.


The following are links to Dr. Ticas's translation work and articles: