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Molly Campbell

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Molly Campbell
Assistant Professor

Building 1 - 158


Dr. Campbell is a nurse educator with over a decade of experience empowering students in the health sciences. Dr. Campbell specializes in active learning, bringing her experience as a backpacking and wilderness medicine instructor to liven up the nursing classroom. Passionate about reproductive justice, Dr. Campbell's research focuses on how policymakers use language to rationalize coercive contraceptive policies. Outside of teaching, she enjoys swimming in rivers and going on very long walks.


  • ADN, Lane Community College
  • BSN, Oregon Health & Science University
  • PhD, Oregon Health & Science University

Academic interests

  • Contraceptive policy
  • Critical discourse studies
  • Wilderness medicine
  • Experiential learning


Campbell, M. (2023). Minimizing concern about coercion: A critical discourse analysis of a contraceptive use metric. (Publication No. 42364) [Doctoral dissertation, Oregon Health & Science University]. OHSU Digital Collections.

Driessnack, M., Fornero, K., & Campbell, M. (2022). Moving knowledge to action: Aware, adopt, adapt (A3). The Journal for Nurse Practitioners.

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Lasater, K., Holloway, K., Lapkin, S., Kelly, M., McGrath, B., Nielsen, A., Stoyles, S., Dieckmann, N., & Campbell, M. (2019). Do prelicensure nursing students’ backgrounds impact what they notice and interpret about patients? Nurse Education Today, 78, 37-43