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Jennifer R. Madden, Ph.D.

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Jennifer R. Madden, Ph.D
Dean of the School of Business and Professor of Management

T.J. Day Hall 206


Dr. Madden is a strategist, researcher, teacher, facilitator and design thinker. She is also a Nonprofit Management Research Fellow, a Fowler Sustainability Fellow and a Management Design Fellow. Her book, Inter-Organizational Collaboration by Design in the Routledge Critical Studies in Public Management Series examines how collaborations can overcome barriers to innovate and rejuvenate communities by outlining the factors and antecedents that influence successful collaboration. The book proposes a theoretical perspective for collaborators to adopt the language of designers, evidence-based tools and strategies to enable success. It outlines her journey from research to action resulting in a “Collaboration Blueprint” that assisted community-based nonprofit organizations to secure over $13.5M in grant funding (with nearly $9M raised in a single year).


  • B.A., economics and American studies, Case Western Reserve University
  • Master’s in nonprofit management, Case Western Reserve University
  • Ph.D., Weatherhead School of Management


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Academic interests

Her research is on designing effective cross-sector partnerships then leveraging those collaborations to build capacity for effective performance and social innovation. She is passionate about economic development, solution finding, bringing ideas to fruition and training the next generation of innovative design thinkers (and change agents) for system-level change and positive deviance.