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Non-Degree Students

Policy and Instructions

A student wishing to register for only one course may do so with the permission of the faculty member teaching the course. A one-page information form is required.

Non-degree students are not considered a degree candidate and may register after degree-seeking student registration is complete. Non-degree seeking students will be required to complete an application for admission as a degree-seeking candidate at the completion of 30 Linfield semester equivalent credit hours.

To take coursework as a non-degree student, you must:

1. Submit the information form for Non-Degree Seeking Students to the Office of Admission and obtain approval from the Director of Admission to enroll as a Non-Degree Student

2. Obtain a Class Add/Drop Form from the Office of the Registrar (Melrose Hall).

3. Contact the faculty member teaching course and receive approval to register for the course.

A list of current course offerings is online

Please note lab fees and course prerequisites prior to contacting the faculty member listed.

Faculty contact information can be found online.

4. Submit the Add/Drop Form, with faculty approval to the Office of the Registrar. The Registrar will then register the student for the course.

5. Linfield employees and their dependents may be eligible for tuition remission (see Cost below). To request tuition remission, complete the Tuition Remission Request Form, available from the Office of Enrollment Services (Melrose Hall, 108).

Approval to take coursework as a non-degree student is at the discretion of the Director of Admission and the faculty member teaching the course.


Unless the applicant qualifies for tuition remission with one of the guidelines below, the cost of auditing (i.e., taking the course without receiving credit) is $580 per credit on the McMinnville campus. The cost for non-degree seeking students who wish to receive credit is $1,152 per credit. Non-degree students may qualify for tuition remission if they are one of the following:

a. over the age of 65 and not wishing to receive credit;

b. a regular, full-time or part-time, faculty member, administrator or non-exempt employee (see note below);

c. a dependent of a regular employee (see note below). Dependents of a regular Linfield employee who under the age of 18, or still attending high school, must apply as a Pre-College Applicant.

All students, including those that qualify for tuition remission, will be responsible for lab fees associated with the course.

Note: An employee hired after July 1, 2009 (and his or her dependents) are eligible for tuition remission one year after their hire date. Adjunct faculty, temporary employees and employees on special contracts and their dependents do not qualify for tuition remission or exchange.

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