Golden Grad joins grandson for commencement ceremony

Bob Zuleger ’53 joined his grandson Carson Crepeaux ’12 for the commencement ceremony at Linfield College. The Golden Grad was invited back to his alma mater to march a second time.

Crepeaux majored in psychology at Linfield. His favorite college memories revolve around senior project research with classmate Hope Fredregill ’12, and around baseball games with his grandfather.

He played baseball in high school, and his grandfather played four years at Linfield. Now close friends, their favorite place on campus was the baseball field, where they talked sports and critiqued players.

“When I went to Linfield in the 1950s, people were warm and full of vim and vigor, and they were mischievous,” Zuleger said. “At basketball games, the loudest guys on campus would sit in the far southern end of the gym, in what we called the “South 40,” and whoop and holler.”

The campus intermurals, Zuleger said, were highly contested events. “You really went out to try and do your best. If you could win the darn thing you could thumb your nose at the other guys.”

His grandson works with developmentally disabled adults, and hopes to find a permanent position in that field, perhaps with disabled veterans.

“I was a little bit excited about commencement,” Zuleger said. “I thought, well shoot, if Carson can do that, so can I.  I wanted to be there and greet him and say ‘Good going.’”

Crepeaux’s brother Spencer will graduate from Linfield College in 2013.


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