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Family first

            “College graduates,” she said, taking her husband’s hand. “We have college graduates.”   by Tom Hallman Jr. The voice that changes a life can come from anywhere: A distant relative, a high school counselor, a lifelong friend. Or, maybe, from a coach you only met that day. At Linfield… Continue Reading Family first

It’s all about relationships

Linfield students and their families come from all walks of life. In the fall of 2019, a record 42 percent of first-year Linfield students arrived on campus with the desire to become members of the first generation in their families to earn a college degree from a four-year institution. As a former first-generation student, I… Continue Reading It’s all about relationships

Linfield First builds sense of belonging

A new program, Linfield First, is deepening ties between first-generation students and the community. The coordinated effort between students, faculty, staff and alumni includes a mentoring program, monthly luncheon, pre-orientation programming and scholarships. “We want students to develop a sense of belonging at Linfield and become part of the community from the very beginning,” says… Continue Reading Linfield First builds sense of belonging

The faces of first-gen

The Linfield launch pad

My father dropped out of high school in ninth grade. My mother graduated from Simon Gratz High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Soon after graduation, however, she married my father and gave birth to the first of four sons. Any path to higher education was effectively cut off to my parents, as they worked hard to… Continue Reading The Linfield launch pad

Meet Mack!

Human-powered programming

The kayaks push off onto the glassy, early-morning Willamette River. Overhead, an osprey circles, glancing down to search for its morning meal… or maybe to check out the flotilla. On the water, 10 Linfield students paddle gracefully downriver toward their destination at Champoeg State Park. Linfield has long bragged about its perfect location in the… Continue Reading Human-powered programming

Between me and comfort

Frozen socks, snow shelters and biting cold. Between Me and Comfort: A Memoir of the Winter Backcountry, written by Doug Cruikshank, professor emeritus of education, is filled with Linfield student journal entries and photos. Over 15 years beginning in 1981, Cruikshank and Drannan Hamby ’55, professor emeritus of chemistry and physics, led more than 200… Continue Reading Between me and comfort

Remembering Tiananmen Square

Editor's note: In the fall of 1989, history professor Doug Lee gave a campus talk that shook me to the core. It came only a few months after Chinese soldiers had entered Tiananmen Square and massacred hundreds of teenagers and twentysomethings – students about my age – and arrested thousands more. Professor Lee had been… Continue Reading Remembering Tiananmen Square

Worth 1,000 words

  It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s the Royal Air Force Red Arrows! Skies buzzed with activity over the McMinnville Municipal Airport when it hosted for the first time the Oregon International Air Show Sept. 20-22. Linfield nursing students offered first-aid services to attendees during the three-day event, which Linfield co-sponsored. The experience provided… Continue Reading Worth 1,000 words

Custom medicine

Imagine a future where your health care is tailored to you. Where medical treatment is prescribed based on your unique genetic makeup. Where disease can be prevented even before it strikes. That future may not be so distant. In 2016, the Precision Medicine Initiative allocated $130 million to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to… Continue Reading Custom medicine

A century on stage

            This year marks the 100th season of the Linfield Theatre Program. In 1920, as students in the Linfield Dramatic Club performed Safety First, “a snappy three-act farce-comedy,” tickets were free and actors no doubt had little idea they were setting in motion a tradition that would thrive for a… Continue Reading A century on stage

Is live theatre still relevant?

First, I want to say: bless the digital age. Via the internet, I can view performances, speeches and events that, because of our truly embarrassing lack of advancements in time travel and teleportation, would otherwise be out of my reach. My emotions often swell while watching mere recordings of live performances... Lin-Manuel Miranda's debut (at… Continue Reading Is live theatre still relevant?

Bringing the spirit

From the trill of a piccolo to the booming bass drum, marching bands are galvanizing communities and rekindling pride among students and alumni. On an overcast fall Friday night, 26 students gather on the Maxwell Field sideline. They begin their three-hour rehearsal with a light jog followed by stretching. “What should we listen to?” Seth… Continue Reading Bringing the spirit

Connected to care

Maybe it was a seed planted by her mother. Or possibly it was her time volunteering at the local hospital. Or perhaps the caring spirit has always been present in Stacie Johnston ’20. Whatever the source, Johnston’s passion for helping others has blossomed as a Linfield nursing student. From her early days on campus participating… Continue Reading Connected to care

‘Cat Tracks

  T.E.A.C. Team, Excellence, Attitude, Class. Joe Smith ’93, head football coach since 2006 who has been named Northwest Conference coach of the year 10 times, values those traits as the pillars of Linfield football – and proudly wears them on his hat as he exits the locker room and heads onto the field for… Continue Reading ‘Cat Tracks

Aces on-court and off

The women’s tennis team holds the record for the longest conference winning streak of any Linfield sport – 108 consecutive conference victories between 2002 and 2009. The program boasts 11 overall conference championships, including a string of seven straight titles starting in 2002. “Last spring, we won the conference tournament, went to the NCAAs and… Continue Reading Aces on-court and off

Science meets sport

In the evolving world of sports, Cisco Reyes uses spreadsheets and metrics to maximize athletic potential. His work with kinesiology and body movement is sought after by professional athletic organizations across the region. Deep in the basement of Portland's Veterans Memorial Coliseum, dozens of athletes huddle around a wooden box, nervously swaying back and forth… Continue Reading Science meets sport

Homecoming 2019

      Homecoming 2019 by the numbers: 185 pennants waved, 21 states traveled from, 2019 class with highest attendance, 66 class years represented, 64 performers (32 musicians, 20 dancers, 12 cheer), 767 attendees, 3,200 football spectators SAVE THE DATE! Oct. 3-4, Homecoming 2020!

World-class winemaker

A single semester was all it took to plant deep roots at Linfield. One semester. In the spring of 1995 – before the family business, the impeccable reputation or leadership of the world’s most exclusive wine – a young Bertrand de Villaine spent a semester as an exchange student at Linfield College. The experience stayed… Continue Reading World-class winemaker

Sustainable in Astoria

When Samuel McDaniel ’18 started Linfield’s online sustainability certificate program, he had one goal in mind: reduce the carbon footprint of his family business, Astoria Downtown Market. Even while working 72 hours a week as a business owner, this goal – and the support of his professors – kept McDaniel motivated as he learned how… Continue Reading Sustainable in Astoria

Castillo partners with Legend to support entrepreneurs

Gina Castillo ’14 knows first-hand the stigma of life on the street. Growing up, she cycled in and out of homelessness and incarceration. At age 26, as a single mother with an eighth-grade education, she earned a Ford Family scholarship and looked to Linfield. “Learning to code and tech-adjacent skills changed my life,” says Castillo,… Continue Reading Castillo partners with Legend to support entrepreneurs

50 marathons in 50 states

It took 11 years, more than 60 pairs of running shoes and a whole lot of pain and suffering – not to mention travel. But Randy Grant, Linfield professor of economics, has run a marathon in all 50 states. Grant ran his 50th marathon (26.2 miles) in Hartford, Connecticut, in October, crossing the finish line… Continue Reading 50 marathons in 50 states

Alumni notes — Fall 2019

1940-49 Don Rea ’49 of Albany was honored for 47 years of community volunteer service and leadership. Rea served in leadership roles with Fish of Albany, Waverly Elementary School, Habitat for Humanity, Boys & Girls Club of Albany, Friendship Force, Albany Peace Seekers, Albany Kiwanis Club, Jackson Street Youth Services and the church. 1950-59 Jesse… Continue Reading Alumni notes — Fall 2019

Fall 2019 Videos

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