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The Hellie years

A look at the legacy of Linfield’s 19th president Richard Ekman was only eight years out of graduate school, a tenured history professor and dean at Hiram College, when the curriculum vitae for Thomas L. Hellie came across his desk in 1980. Ekman, who admits to being “very young” as an administrator in those days,… Continue Reading The Hellie years

Tom, Julie and Edgar

Tom Hellie and Julie Olds walk Edgar, their 10-year-old Labrador, during a recent evening on campus. Throughout her years in McMinnville, Olds has maintained a management career with organizations and facilities that serve senior citizens across a wide swath of Oregon. Unlike her husband, Olds says she has no intention of retiring this year. She… Continue Reading Tom, Julie and Edgar

The timeline, 2006-2018

Tom Hellie’s tenure at Linfield College 2007 Created the Business Advisory Council Softball wins NCAA Division III championship 2008 Hellie signed The American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment Old Oak fell; Hellie requested wood be salvaged for future Linfield projects Linfield celebrates Sesquicentennial 2009 Launched strategic planning process 2010 Created the Linfield Center for… Continue Reading The timeline, 2006-2018

Linfield College presidents

George C. Chandler 1857-1860 John W. Johnson 1864-1867 J.D. Robb 1873 Mark Bailey 1873-1876 John E. Magers 1876-1877 Ep Roberts 1877-1878 J.G. Burchett 1878-1881 E.C. Anderson 1881-1887 Truman G. Brownson 1887-1896 Harry L. Boardman 1896-1903 A.M. Brumback 1903-1905 **Emanuel Northup 1905-1906 *Leonard W. Riley 1906-1931 **William R. Frerichs 1931-1932 Elam J. Anderson 1932-1938 William D.… Continue Reading Linfield College presidents

Tips for retirement

Four former Linfield College presidents have suggestions for President Hellie as he settles into retirement. 2005-2006 Marvin Henberg “Commit to nothing in at least your first six months. Read widely and catch up on good movies you’ve missed, but build your lists of reading and viewing via recommendations from others. That will take you out… Continue Reading Tips for retirement

The evolving role of a college president

What does it take to lead a college in 2018 – a sage scholar or a strategic business person? In today’s higher education, the answer is probably both. The serene ivory tower was always more myth than reality. But it applies less now than ever, in an era of enrollment pressures and rising concern over… Continue Reading The evolving role of a college president

Miles K. Davis named 20th president of Linfield College

When Miles K. Davis becomes Linfield’s 20th president, and the first African-American president in the institution’s 160-year history, he will bring an enthusiastic leadership style and an expansive worldview. Davis, dean and George Edward Durell Chair of Management of the Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business at Shenandoah University in Winchester, Va., will begin… Continue Reading Miles K. Davis named 20th president of Linfield College

Dogged devotion – The life of Linfield’s first service dog

My eyes are closed. Everyone thinks I’m sleeping. Good. That’s how I want it. I know, and Taylor knows, that I’m working – waiting for the moment when she needs me. A deep inhale, followed by a quick exhale. I recognize that one – she’s stressed. Time to go to work. I sit up and rest… Continue Reading Dogged devotion – The life of Linfield’s first service dog

The discord over discourse

Controversy about free speech and contentious speakers on college campuses is increasingly making headlines nationwide. Linfield College is not immune to the trend. A speaker invited by a student group last spring ignited a mini-firestorm. Heading into the 2017-18 school year, Linfield addressed the issue head-on by hosting a series of events highlighting civil ways… Continue Reading The discord over discourse

Debate students have a lesson for the rest of us

Resolved: That the cow is more useful than the horse.” That, laughs Jackson Miller, Linfield’s associate dean of faculty and a professor of communication arts, is one of the earliest examples he’s been able to find of a topic that was debated at Linfield College. It was argued as part of a speech and debate… Continue Reading Debate students have a lesson for the rest of us

Faculty essay: On civility

The life of our republic depends upon our ability to speak honestly and our willingness to listen empathetically. As that idea traveled from my head down to my pen, it felt embarrassingly grandiose. But I think it’s true. These habits of mind are two crucial ingredients in the moral glue that holds a healthy political… Continue Reading Faculty essay: On civility

Change is constant

Linfield is nearing a time of great transition. After 12 years as president, Thomas Hellie will soon retire, and Miles Davis will take the helm July 1. Change, of course, can be both exciting and a little unnerving. In the coming months, the Linfield community will have the opportunity to participate in the transition. This… Continue Reading Change is constant

Climbing for a cause

How far would you go to raise money for a good cause? For Paul O’Hollaren ’97, the answer is 19,000 feet – straight up. In January, O’Hollaren climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Inspired by a friend’s daughter who battled leukemia (now in remission),… Continue Reading Climbing for a cause

Learn to listen

Chipo Dendere ’08 may have honed her political instincts as Linfield College‘s student-body president, but she took her initial steps toward becoming a noted expert on African politics far earlier. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Dendere moved to the United States in 2004 to attend Linfield. She majored in political science and psychology, and later… Continue Reading Learn to listen

Pickleball gold medalist

Wesley Gabrielsen ’08 traded his tennis racket for a pickleball paddle and the result has been gold. Gabrielsen, a history teacher and tennis coach at McMinnville High School, has amassed more than 100 gold medals and holds multiple national titles since taking up pickleball five years ago. He had already made a name for himself… Continue Reading Pickleball gold medalist

From concerts to clinicals

Mika Sunago ’06 knows her way around a concert hall as well as she does a hospital. For excellence in her second career, she has earned the Distinguished 2017-18 Nursing Alumna Award for Linfield College. A classically-trained pianist, Sunago spent the first part of her career performing for audiences around the world. But when traveling… Continue Reading From concerts to clinicals

15 minutes of fame, and then some

It’s been six years since Amy Frankel ’13 became an internet sensation, simply by saying “yes.” In 2012, Frankel was the focus of a lip-synced flash mob wedding proposal that has generated more than 32 million YouTube views so far, and led to worldwide media coverage and an appearance on NBC’s TODAY Show. Her now… Continue Reading 15 minutes of fame, and then some

The multisport athlete

Jade Everage ’18 is busy. The communication arts major, campus leader and two-sport athlete doesn’t have much wiggle room in her schedule. Still, she’s happy she chose this path – even if it did take her a while to figure out how to manage it all. “Balancing two sports, school and extracurriculars is a skill… Continue Reading The multisport athlete

Health care for diverse families

The first nursing textbook chapter devoted to care for LGBTQ families was written by two Linfield professors One of North America’s most widely used family nursing textbooks also just became the first to include a chapter devoted entirely to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and queer (LGBTQ) healthcare issues. The sixth edition of Family Health Care… Continue Reading Health care for diverse families

Ghosts of the past

Every institution has its skeletons. We’re looking for ours. Institutions across the nation are examining their histories and grappling with controversial elements – Confederate statues, founding leaders, building names and more. Archivist Rich Schmidt is digging into Linfield’s history. When I was asked to look at the names we see at Linfield and learn more… Continue Reading Ghosts of the past

Why I teach

Like many high school seniors, I wasn’t sure what major I would pursue in college. I did know I wanted teaching to be a part of my future, since both my father and paternal grandmother were educators and passionate about their work. Then, during a senior career-day activity, I heard an associate dean of nursing… Continue Reading Why I teach

Worth 1,000 words

The first reference to Linfield’s “Old Oak” appeared in the 1908-09 course catalog. In the century that followed, the stately tree outside Pioneer Hall stood as Linfield’s symbol of grace, majesty and quiet contemplation. That ended Jan. 8, 2008, when it fell. Over several weeks in March and April of this year, cooper Rick DeFerrari… Continue Reading Worth 1,000 words


Noah Cutting ’20 (200-yard butterfly) and Evette Dow ’19 (1,650 freestyle) successfully defended their individual titles at the Northwest Conference Championships this spring. Overall, the Linfield men placed third and the women fourth. The performance also earned Cutting, NWC Men’s Swimmer of the Year, a return trip to the NCAA Division III Swimming and Diving… Continue Reading #WetCats

Vital work, now more than ever

Our nation and our world seem fraught with anxiety these days. Some of it may come from malevolent individuals or groups; some of it from the decline of objective journalism; much of it from our new and instantaneous means of communication. More than ever, we need education, we need reason, we need compassion, and we… Continue Reading Vital work, now more than ever

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