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    Classroom 4.0

    Artificial intelligence, once the stuff of futuristic books and films, is finding its way onto college campuses. How is American higher education adapting to the digital age?   One-on-one, personalized education is the hallmark of Linfield College – small classes, attentive faculty and even the ability for students to shape their own majors and minors.… Continue Reading Classroom 4.0

    Fall 2017 Videos

    Pat Cottrell Nick Buccola Football Game Day/Streak Street Eclipse Ant Field Research Nursing Sim Lab Linfield Longevity: Coach Shane Kimura ’78 Wine Studies

    A View From Melrose

    When I left the presidency of a foundation in 2006 to become president of Linfield College, one of my friends, himself a college president, joked that I was crazy. “Now instead of giving money away you’re going to be begging for it,” he said. He wasn’t serious – at least not entirely – but the… Continue Reading A View From Melrose


    In this digitally-obsessed world, it seems everything has become digitized into strings composed of 0s and 1s.   Indeed, it seems little has value unless it boasts a binary code to identify it.   I expect many parts of my own identity have been condensed by parties, known and unknown, into strings of 0s and… Continue Reading Identity

    Machine-proof your career

    The Jetsons, a 1960s animated sitcom, imagined a futuristic world where a typical work week was one hour, two days a week. Technology took care of the rest for George Jetson and his co-workers –  representing the great hope that technology would make human lives easier. But the cartoon series also foreshadowed a longstanding fear… Continue Reading Machine-proof your career

    Follow me: Building an online brand

    Kellie Bowen ’18 scrolls methodically through Facebook on a recent afternoon, Judas Priest screaming through her ear buds. The British band hooked her on heavy metal at age 10, the first time she heard the insistent thump of the bass, howl of the electric guitar and operatic singing of front man Rob Halford. What do… Continue Reading Follow me: Building an online brand

    Online from across the pond

    When Hayley Carroll ’18 decided to return to college, an ocean separated her from the American system where she already had her higher-education start. But that didn’t stop her. Carroll, who lives and works in England, is completing a project-management degree through Online and Continuing Education Program while working full time at London builder Harmonix… Continue Reading Online from across the pond

    Rethinking Oregon agriculture

    Darla (Goodnoe) Baggenstos ’90 is no stranger to farming. She grew up raising cattle, pigs and chickens in Tigard. After graduating from Linfield, she married Jim Baggenstos, a third-generation farmer at Baggenstos Farm just down the road from her family’s farm. Their farm is nearing the century mark, and opened an accompanying store 17 years… Continue Reading Rethinking Oregon agriculture

    Linfield’s community garden

    Students can cultivate vegetables, herbs and skills at the Linfield Campus Community Garden, just outside Renshaw Hall.  The quarter-acre garden “provides a space for students to explore their relationship with their food,” says Duncan Reid ’10, sustainability coordinator. “It’s an educational garden.” The garden allows students to practice hands-on sustainable agriculture on a small scale,… Continue Reading Linfield’s community garden

    Worth 1,000 words

    It was a cold Saturday in late October, 1888, when M.K. McGown climbed up inside the bell tower in the Baptist College at McMinnville building and committed an act of vandalism. The building, only five years old at the time, would not come to be known as Pioneer Hall until decades later. Over those decades,… Continue Reading Worth 1,000 words

    The herbicide and the butterfly – How faculty-student research is helping an endangered species

    Clutching a mallet and metal pipe in his left hand, Liam Home ’20 hops down from a five-foot tall metal gate. He turns back to help his biology professor, Chad Tillberg, navigate the obstacle. Safely over the gate, they head into the waist-high grass in search of a series of small orange flags. Only a… Continue Reading The herbicide and the butterfly – How faculty-student research is helping an endangered species

    One-of-a-kind program trains next generation nurses

    Racing hearts? You bet. Bodily fluids? Sometimes. Sweaty palms? Always. Linfield College alumni are helping strengthen the nursing workforce by creating real-world simulations for students.   Ten-year-old Dominic lies in a hospital bed. He’s scared, feverish and moaning with appendicitis. His mom sits close by, a hand on his arm, waiting to hear about surgery.… Continue Reading One-of-a-kind program trains next generation nurses

    Explain: Extinct

    We could, if we wanted,   follow the old buck    down through the madrone grove,  the high branches splitting now    their ochre skins. See how   below the boulderfall    he slows, slips without sound  through sword fern    & thimbleberry, waits  in deep creek-shadow? He knows     this is where they might meet,  he… Continue Reading Explain: Extinct

    Why I Teach

    I was about 16, returning from a two-month summer field trip with my father to Wyoming’s Big Horn Basin. A colleague of his from the Field Museum was there, too, with his son, Dave. We stopped in Spearfish, S.D., where a third paleontologist, John Clark (“Mighty Hunter” to us), had been excavating a pterodactyl. Dave… Continue Reading Why I Teach

    Linfield longevity

    It’s 30 minutes before the first serve and volleyballs are flying in Ted Wilson Gymnasium.  Linfield head coach Shane Kimura ’78 escapes the pounding pre-match music, finding quiet in his office upstairs, a long-standing routine for home games. The loud music in the gym drives him nuts. But in the calm, he reviews the upcoming… Continue Reading Linfield longevity

    Brister on the big screen

    Jenna Brister’s movie debut features big hair and bigger laughs.  Brister ’06 appears in Permanent, a comedy  about bad hair, awkward family members, teenagehood and the 1980s. The PG-13 film stars Rainn Wilson and Patricia Arquette and will be released in theaters and  on iTunes Dec. 15.  Brister, a comedienne, actress and screenwriter, plays a… Continue Reading Brister on the big screen

    Building peace

    In these turbulent times, many people want to help make the world a more peaceful place. For Nicholas Weiland ’09, it’s all in a day’s work.  Weiland is a program specialist at the U.S. Institute of Peace (USIP) in Washington, D.C. USIP works to prevent and resolve armed conflict around the world by engaging directly… Continue Reading Building peace

    On the offense

    Ernie Rose ’86 didn’t end up managing a $10 billion division and 14 international offices for Nike without knowing a thing or two about operating in a complex corporate environment.   But it wasn’t always clear – at least to Rose, vice president of global apparel operations at Nike – that he would have that kind… Continue Reading On the offense