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How higher education talks about affordability

As would-be students weigh one of the most important decisions of their lives, society in general and higher education in particular are sending mixed messages about affordability. Editor’s note: Affordability. It’s the elephant in the room during every conversation about higher education these days. Ideas from free public universities (New York) to free community college… Continue Reading How higher education talks about affordability

Faculty essay — Thinking beyond the sticker price

Over the last 20 years, the average published sticker price for tuition and fees, and room and board at private, non-profit colleges like Linfield increased by 59 percent while U.S. per capita personal disposable income grew by 32 percent. Since the tuition sticker price rose by more than income, you might conclude that a private… Continue Reading Faculty essay — Thinking beyond the sticker price

True cost: Putting a price on opportunity

There is a lot of discussion these days about the cost of higher education. The cost-benefit analysis of obtaining a degree, on the other hand, is rarely brought up. The data is clear: According to reports recently published by Georgetown University and USA Today, the pay gap between those with a college degree and those… Continue Reading True cost: Putting a price on opportunity

Another kind of classroom

Jeff Roberts ’97 and Jon Eagle ’83 are two of at least 21 Linfield alumni who are current head football coaches at the high school level. Both are passing on lessons they learned as Linfield football players. The home locker room at Broadway Field is silent. Nobody is taping ankles. Nobody is listening to music.… Continue Reading Another kind of classroom

A nontraditional route to the presidency

Stephanie Willis ’21 remembers clearly her first meeting with Miles Davis. “He walked up to me in Dillin Hall and said, ‘You’re Stephanie Willis. I know of you,’” she recalls. “I was freaking out. This is the president, yet he knew who I was.” Since that August day, Willis has had many conversations with Linfield’s… Continue Reading A nontraditional route to the presidency

From the webmaster – Seeing through sound

Kat Denicola is scanning the web. She types in the Linfield College web address, and listens as her computer rapidly recites the content from the top of the page: “Link-skip-content-list-with-7-items-prospective-students-link-current-students-link-resources-link-heading-heading…” The dictation flies by at 125 words a minute. “Do you want me to slow it down?” Kat asks. I did, but told her no.… Continue Reading From the webmaster – Seeing through sound

A life transformed

It’s controlled chaos at the Portland Product Werks office. Only a few weeks before the launch of a new brand, shoe displays line the walls, samples spill from boxes stacked three high and people hunch over computers with phones to their ears. Even a small dog stands at attention, gingerly sniffing deliveries and visitors. In… Continue Reading A life transformed

Inspired to serve: Representing the U.S. overseas

The idea of working overseas conjures thoughts of exotic locales and exciting adventures. For Joshua Johnson ’04 and Kelsey Lyle ’07, the joys of being an expat are simpler than that. “I like walking down the street and taking in the sights, dodging traffic,” says Johnson. “I love being around people who think differently than… Continue Reading Inspired to serve: Representing the U.S. overseas

Worth 1,000 words

Jeremy Weisz, professor of biology, wasn’t sure what they’d find as he and 12 students scampered down a Newport sandbank on a drizzly afternoon to peer into tide pools. But that’s exactly the point. Exploration and discovery are the focus for Weisz’s marine ecology class during three fieldtrips to the Oregon or Washington coasts each… Continue Reading Worth 1,000 words

Homecoming 2018

Faculty spotlight — Andrea Reinkemeyer

Dabbling is at the heart of composing for Andrea Reinkemeyer, assistant professor of music composition and theory. “I tinker. I improvise across the keyboard. I scratch things out,” she says. “If I come back to it three times, I know I’m on to something.” As she writes, she makes notations, sketches ideas, plays her violin… Continue Reading Faculty spotlight — Andrea Reinkemeyer

A mother’s work

As the nursing workforce moves toward a mandate for BSN degrees, three sisters, inspired by their mother, turned to Linfield to boost their careers. Cornelia Nitu had dreams for her children when she immigrated to the United States from Romania in 1988. She opened a small business – an adult foster care home – and… Continue Reading A mother’s work

Women’s soccer

This year’s women’s soccer team led the Northwest Conference in goals scored with 39, and forward Sydney Kuehn ’20 tied for second in goals scored with 8. The team finished the season with a record of 10-5-5. Fast facts: Finished in the top five of the Northwest Conference every year since 2009. Emily Fellows ’14… Continue Reading Women’s soccer

Full circle

Joanne Hanson ’17 closed a six-decade circle when she completed her degree at age 78 – 60 years after first enrolling in college. “It just plain made sense to me,” Hanson says of her decision to complete her degree. Hanson, an arts and humanities major, started college in 1957 and took classes at two local… Continue Reading Full circle

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