Linfield’s Old Oak lives on

The Old Oak was a majestic presence at the college since the chartering of Linfield in 1858. Although its stately branches no longer offer shelter from sun and rain, it is still very much a part of daily life at the college. In addition to a commemorative plaque where the Old Oak stood near Pioneer Hall, its wood has been used to create beautifully crafted furniture around campus. The items include accent tables, conference tables, podiums, benches, and the display case, bowl and pedestal stand used for the tradition of acorns at convocation and commencement. Pieces of the Old Oak can also be found in Starbucks, in Riley Hall, including bar front cladding, top cap of counter, chair rail around the wall and a commemorative wall plaque featuring the story of the Old Oak. Here are a few examples.

Old Oak table, Academic Affairs
Accent table, Academic Affairs, Melrose Hall
Old Oak table2, Academic Affairs
Old Oak table, Melrose HallConference table, 021 Melrose Hall Old Oak table2, Melrose Hall
Old Oak pedestal Old Oak pedestal, detail
Display case, bowl and pedestal stand used for tradition of acorns at convocation and commencement
Old Oak table, President's officeConference table, President’s office, Melrose Hall Old Oak table, President's office, detail
Old Oak podium Old Oak podium, detail
Old Oak bench, Taylor HallWindow benches, Taylor Hall Old Oak bench, detail, Taylor Hall