Linfield grad has one of “world’s coolest jobs,” says CNBC

Ryan Harris ’00 spends his days at the beach designing eco-friendly surfboards. He sometimes wears a wetsuit to work, and surfing is mandatory. VIDEO

Harris was featured on CNBC’s “Best Jobs Ever” program, carried by numerous news outlets.

He and his partners opened the world’s first full-scale eco surfboard production facility in California last spring, and business at the 3,000 square-foot facility is already booming. Their handcrafted surfboards are more expensive than typical surfboards, but customers are voting for environmentally friendly boards with their pocket books.

The traditional surfboard is one of the most toxic pieces of sporting goods equipment on the planet, says Harris, who served as the Linfield Wildcat mascot for almost four years. Using “green glassing” and eco-friendly materials, he is making the surfing world greener, one board at a time.

It’s a pretty good gig for an art major.

Check out Eco Boardworks.