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Student Employment

Linfield College's Human Resources and Career Development offices are great resources for finding employment. Career Development hosts Cat Connect, a one-stop online resource for on-campus and off-campus employment, Cat Connectinternships, networking and more!

Have you been awarded a Financial Aid Award for Campus Employment or Federal Work-Study?

If so, the Office of Human Resources is your primary point of contact; read on for more information.
If you don't know if you have a Financial Aid Award, log on to WebAdvisor, or contact the Office of Financial Aid at 503-883-2225 or

Looking for Student Employment? It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Look at available positions on Cat Connect!
    • Sign in using your CatNet ID and password. If you're a current student, you are already registered; DO NOT create a new account.
    • Hover over the purple “Jobs” tab and selecting "Cat Connect-Linfield Approved Postings."
    • Search by "Position Type" to narrow your results and click "Search."
  2. Apply for something that's of interest to you! Be sure you have a current resume and cover letter; you'll need it when you apply for a position.
    • Apply for the position by following the instructions in the job description or email the main contact if instructions aren't listed.
    • If you have a Financial Aid Award, you are eligible to apply for jobs listed as "Student Employment On-Campus" and "Student Employment Off-Campus."
  3. Complete a Student Employment Referral Form! (Open the form using Adobe Acrobat.) Once you've been offered and accept a position, work with your supervisor to complete the referral form. Please note that one Student Employment Referral Form is required for every job on campus; referral forms expire at the end of each academic year.

    Found a Job?If you've worked on campus in the past, simply return the completed Student Employment Referral Form to Human Resources (Melrose 102).  If this is your first job on campus, complete the following items immediately and bring them, along with your completed Student Employment Referral Form, to Human Resources (Melrose 102) so that you can start working.

Find more details about the student employment process here.

Getting Paid!

Now that you’ve got a job, you’ll look forward to receiving your pay check!  Please note these important details.

  1. Record Your Time!  Ask your supervisor for specific instructions on how to record the hours you work.
  2. Supervisor Approval:  Timecards and/or TimeSaver accounts for the current month must be signed off by your supervisor and submitted to Human Resources no later than the first business day of the following month.  Late timecards will delay our ability to pay you.
  3. Pay day!  Pay day is on the 10th of every month.
  4. Go green!
    • Opting for direct deposit conserves natural resources, saving time and energy.  There’s no driving to the bank and standing in line; your money is automatically deposited into your checking or savings account on pay day.
    • By signing up for the self-service portal you can go completely paperless, viewing your paystubs through the portal. 
    • The portal also offers you the ability to retrieve your W2s and much more from any computer with internet access.

Contact the Office of Human Resources (Melrose 102) or Kamala Skibinski (503-883-2309; if you need help or have additional questions.