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Frequently Asked Questions


Will you proofread my paper?

At the Writing Center, we care more about the ideas and organization of your paper. A tutor can help you proofread, but only after he or she has covered the rest of the paper with you. Sentence level editing always comes last.

Can I just have a blue sheet?

No, sorry. If a professor requires students to come into the Writing Center, we want to make sure they are getting the most out of the consultation as they can. Bring a few questions or concerns, and you might be surprised at how helpful the session is.

What grade do you think I'll get?

We cannot say. That power belongs solely to your professor.

Do I need to make an appointment? How do I make one?

You don't have to. We welcome walk-ins during all shifts. There may be a lot of traffic in the Writing Center, though, and it is beneficial to make an appointment. There are sign-up sheets outside the Writing Center in TJ Day and also in a binder on the reference desk at the library.

Can I drop off my paper or email it to someone?

No, that's just not how the Linfield Writing Center works. We have limited shifts and staff and really value personal interactions. Please come see us! Face to face is much more helpful anyway.

What kind of papers can the Writing Center help with?

Any kind of paper you can think of. Research papers, literature papers, lab reports, articles, resumes, cover letters...all are welcome at the Writing Center.

Is the Writing Center open during Jan. Term?

No, it's not.

What do you think of this professor?

We cannot and will not share our opinions about professors, staff, classes, assignments, or other students.

What are the punchcards?

Punchcards are for frequent visitors. After 4 punches, you can receive a prize out of our prize drawer. After the 10th, you can get a Writing Center mug.

Why do I have to read my paper out loud?

Reading aloud engages you and helps you hear how the paper sounds, and you can catch small mistakes.

Will you help me pick a topic? Does my paper need to be finished?

We can help you in all stages of the writing process, which includes brainstorming. We won't pick the topic for you, but we will gladly help you come up with some ideas.

What do I have to bring with me?

You can find everything you need to know about what to expect in the Tips for Consultations.

Is there a limit on how many times I can come in?

No, there's not. Use the Writing Center as often as you like!

How can I become a member of the writing center staff?

Find an application and more information here