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Writing Center

Meet Our Staff

David Sumner, Director

Dave SumnerI have been directing both Linfield’s Writing Program and Writing Center since 2004.  Before that, I taught, and was director of writing at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. I received my PhD from the University of Oregon in 2000. I am very interested in writing and rhetoric and I teach American and environmental literature in the English and environmental studies departments. When I’m not reading, writing, teaching, or researching, I enjoy wandering wild landscapes with my family and my fly rod.

Tor Strand

Tor StrandTor loves words. Think as if all the words are floating around the universe, and when you write some down on a page, you've created a pattern that nobody else has ever created (save plagiarism). Whoa. Again, Tor loves words, and would be happier than a dog with a ball to help you retool yours.

Gilberto Galvez

Gilberto GalvezGil is a senior Anthropology and French major with a creative writing minor. Writing has been and always will be one of his passions. Other than writing, Gilberto enjoys wine tasting and cheese but is slowly starting to accept he's lactose intolerant. Oh well. At least he still has wine.

Elia Samms

Elia SammsElia is a senior Anthropology major and Spanish minor. She’s been working for the Writing Center since fall of 2014. She has most experience writing research papers and loves helping people to craft their argument. That being said, she is also ready and able to be of assistance with any style of paper and loves learning about the different subjects people bring in. Some other areas she is capable in are APA style citation, using Summit/Interlibrary Loan, organization and facilitating brainstorming. Sometimes she has a life outside of the Writing Center, we'll never truly know


Erica Baran

Erica BaranErica is a junior majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Creative Writing. This is her second year working at the writing center and she thoroughly enjoys helping students with their papers. She also enjoys binge watching poorly acted teen dramas on Netflix, yoga, burritos, and being active (sometimes).

Olivia Gomez

Olivia GomezOlivia is a sophomore Literature and Mass Communication double major. She enjoys reading, daydreaming about traveling the world, and learning about jellyfish. Olivia can help you write any kind of paper and loves to know what people are writing about outside of her majors. Her strong suits are refining thesis statements, writing in-text citations, and eliminating unnecessary words. She encourages everyone to write fearlessly and explore what they find interesting through language.

Bella Aung

Bella AungBella is a senior International Relations major with a minor in Mathematics. A feminist and aspiring political scientist, she enjoys writing, editing, and brainstorming for research papers, especially ones on Political Science, International Relations, Gender Studies, and Human Rights. Born in Burma and raised on three different continents, Bella also understands international and multilingual students’ hurdles of code switching between different languages in academic writing. In her free time, she enjoys Zumba, watching cat videos, testing different makeup palettes, and contemplating whether she should cook or order pizza for dinner.

Vera Heidmannpp

Vera is a junior Creative Writing major with many passions including dogs, sleeping, and avocados.  She is a compulsive procrastinator... in fact, she would much rather help other students with their papers than write her own.  Vera is always happy to help any way she can no matter what the topic of your paper is. She is particularly confident in the areas of MLA format, paper structure, forming thesis statements, and brainstorming paper topics.

Rachael Conway

Rachael ConwayRachael is a senior English Literature major with minors in Education and French. She is currently student teaching in a middle school Language Arts class, and hopes one day to become a middle or high school English teacher. She especially enjoys reading, traveling, and playing the French horn in her "spare" time. She feels particularly confident helping international students, as she got some TEFL training (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) while abroad in France, as well as helping with thesis statements, paper organization, and raising your self-esteem. The way to her heart is via chocolate (preferably dark. Hot is good too).

Quinton Frederick Riesenman

Quinton RiesenmannQuinn is a senior here at sleepy ol’ Linfield. He enjoys the outdoors and fresh potatoes.

Benjamin Bartu

Benjamin BartuBen is a junior currently sleeping in the Writing Center. You will wake him. “Come,” he will say. “I can help you.”

Mackenzie Fraser

Mackenzie FraserMack is a senior English Literature major and Spanish/Gender Studies double minor. After an exciting day of classes, working at the Writing Center, tutoring Spanish students, volunteering at Henderson House and Duniway Middle School, Mack loves nothing more than a squishy couch, an iced vanilla chai, and reruns of The Office. She enjoys helping others, passing notes in class, spreading holiday cheer, running (in theory), and meeting new people! She hopes that everyone will come to the Writing Center at some point in their Linfield career to brainstorm, improve their academic writing, and develop a positive relationship with essays. As her Peruvian friend once advised, “leave the drama for the llamas,” and come de-stress at the Writing Center!

Alex Dinh

Alex Dinh What a concept. One part titanium, three parts sass. Not altogether well thought-out, but she’s what we have to work with. She glows: as if she were the last lightning bug to set the earth aflame.