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Writing Center

About Us

At the Linfield Writing Center, we hope to make not only better papers, but better writers. Discussion forms the heart of consultations, and students are expected and encouraged to participate in sessions.

We can help in all stages of the writing process and encourage students to make multiple visits during the writing process. Discussion can focus on the following items (amongst others):                                                                                                        

  • Understanding the assignment itself
  • Brainstorming, free writing, or other ways to begin work
  • Creating a strong thesis
  • Revising a rough draft
  • Polishing a final draft

It always helps to get a second pair of eyes to look at your paper, and we are dedicated to helping you become a better writer and produce better papers. We provide a unique setting in which student writers can work to improve their own writing and learn to express themselves successfully on the page.  In the end, however, your paper is yours.  We will help, but your success depends on your commitment to working on your writing.