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International Study Opportunities

International Study Opportunities

Wine Studies at Linfield University provides numerous opportunities for students to gain valuable international experience by studying aspects of wine and culture in other countries. These experiences include January term study trips, semester and year-long study abroad trips, and a 5-year program that leads to two degrees (see below). Given that all Wine Studies majors must complete a minor or a second major or an approved semester or year-long study abroad program, studying abroad is a great way to meet a degree requirement while experiencing another country. Below is information about our current opportunities. For more information about these opportunities and others contact our Wine Studies coordinator via email or call 503-883-2218 

Achieve a Bachelor's and Master's degree all in 5 years!

Linfield University's Wine Studies program offers a 5-year program between Linfield University and Ecole Superieure d’Agriculture (ESA) in Angers, France (the Loire Valley). Students spend three (3) years at Linfield University and two (2) years at ESA and /or at any university involved in the consortium of the Vintage Master managed by ESA. Students earn both a bachelor's (Linfield, BA or BS) and a master's degree (ESA) upon completion.

The 5-year program requirements include:

  • Completing 95-semester credits at Linfield in Wine Studies by their junior year. Students work with the Wine Studies coordinator to follow a course of study that prepares them for the following two years at ESA. Students apply for the program at the start of the spring term of their junior year. The program is competitive as it is limited to 5 students per year.
  • The program at ESA is at the master's degree level and called “International Vintage Master”. During the first 2 semesters, students study at the following schools; the University of Tras-Os-Montes e Alto Douro, Vila Real (Portugal) and the Catholic University Sacred Heart of Piacenza (Italy). During their third semester, students study at ESA in Angers (France). During their fourth semester, students conduct a professional thesis project at a private company, research laboratory or public institution at any of the main hosting countries above or in other partner institutions in countries such as the USA, Chile, South Africa, Switzerland or England.
  • During breaks (winter or summer) students have the option to do an internship in a location of their choice working with ESA advisors.

The ESA master's degree is a Diplôme National de Master (DNM) en Sciences et Technologies de l’Agriculture, de l’Alimentation et de l’Environnement, titled a “Vintage Master”. This degree is awarded to students who attended the International Vintage Master program and validated 120 ECTS credits. In France, it also qualifies its graduates for doctoral studies.

All courses during the 4th and 5th year with ESA are taught in English, however, students are encouraged to study the language of the country in which they do their internship.

The curriculum was designed to help students develop 1) technical skills in vineyard establishment and terroir management, grape and wine quality improvement, winemaking techniques and sensory analysis, dealing with changing environmental issues, and 2) strategic skills in defining wine identity and diversity, wine markets and brands, wine firms and sectors, national and international wine business strategies. For more information about the curriculum and financial requirements contact our Wine Studies coordinator via email or call 503-883-2218 

Study Abroad Programs:

Institute for American Universities (IAU)
IAU offers a Global Wine Studies Certificate in addition to semester coursessummer courses, and a January Term Seminar. The IAU certificate program, available only at IAU to semester students with or without previous knowledge of wine, offers students the opportunity to learn about the wine industry, paving the way for a potential future in the global wine world. The courses are all taught in English, however, there is one French language course required. The IAU courses are offered at the Aix-en-Provence Campus in Aix-en-Provence, France.

University of Burgundy
Linfield University has an exchange program with the Vine and Wine Institute "Jules Guyot" as part of the viticulture and enology program. Located in the heart of Burgundy, the IUVV delivers year-long, semester and one-week intense courses, mostly in French but some entirely in English, on various aspects of Burgundian viticulture, winemaking and wine culture and history. The courses are offered at the Dijon campus of the University of Burgundy.

Avize VitiCampus
Linfield University has an exchange program with the Avize VitiCampus. Located in the heart of Champagne, the school delivers year-long, semester and one-week intense courses, most in French but some entirely in English, on various aspects of viticulture, winemaking and wine culture and history in the Champagne region. The courses are offered at the campus in Avize, France.

For more information on these and other international study opportunities contact our Wine Studies coordinator via email or call 503-883-2218