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Viticulture Seminar

Come learn about growing grapes in the heart of Oregon wine country!

Dates: August 1-14, 2019

This seminar course is designed to introduce students to where and how grapes are grown. Emphasis will be given to understanding the types of varieties of grapes, their general biology and physiology, and the environmental factors required to grow grapes including climate, geology, soil, and landscapes. In addition, the course will cover the basic aspects of vine growth development and training, trellis systems, and vineyard management.

The course is taught in a hybrid format, with online readings and short assignments which prepare participants for an intensive, 5-day field course in Oregon wine country. The course can be taken for credit or not for credit (see below).


Course Structure: Online Portion, August 1-9, Field Experience August 10-14 (8:30 am to 5 pm).

Course Information: Field trips leave Linfield College, with transportation and lunch provided. Students should come prepared for outdoor weather, including sturdy walking shoes and boots, hats, sunscreen, and water bottles.

Course Instructor: Jeff D. Peterson, Ph.D.
: Greg Jones, Ph.D.

For-Credit Option: may be taken for credit - for admitted Linfield students and other college students - as WINE 211 Introduction to Viticulture, at Linfield Online and Continuing Education tuition rates ($250 per credit + $210 online course fee). The total cost to take this course for academic credit is $710.

For the Credit Option Register here for the Viticulture Seminar

Non-Credit Option: If you are not a student at Linfield College interested in this course, you may register as a non-credit student. The course fee is $470.

For the Non-Credit Option Register here for the Viticulture Seminar

Payment Plan available! The Tuition Management System (TMS) payment plan allows you to spread out the cost over two months for a small fee of $35 per enrollment. Payment Plan information and enrollmentPayment Plan enrollment how-to guide.

No Refunds will be issued once the course has begun.

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