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Linfield College
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Center for Wine Education


Greg Jones
Director Center for Wine Education
Wine Studies Minor Coordinator
Melrose Hall 105, A-528


Virlena Crosley, Business
Bill Fleeger, Environmental Studies
Brian Gilbert, Chemistry
Brenda DeVore Marshall, TCA
Russel Paine, Business
Jeff D. Peterson, LCN/SOAN
Thomas Reinert, Chemistry
Susan Currie Sivek, Mass Communication
Sharon Wagner, Business
Lisa Weidman, Mass Communication
Jeremy Weisz, Biology

Catalog Description

Wine Studies is an interdisciplinary program designed to allow students the opportunity
to obtain knowledge about the history, culture, production, business, science and
appreciation of wine. Courses in this minor encourage understanding and critical analysis
of the cultural, social and economic significance of wine in Oregon and around the world.
Students who complete a minor in Wine Studies will be better prepared for graduate
studies in viticulture, enology or wine business. They will also be well positioned to
pursue careers in the wine industry or the hospitality industry.

Goals for the Minor

In successfully completing a minor in Wine Studies, a student will:

  • Demonstrate an interdisciplinary understanding of the wine industry;
  • Apply their understanding to the unique aspects of the wine industry in our region;
  • Employ specialized skills in (and to) the wine industry through experiential learning or in-depth research.

Course Requirements

For a minor: Completion of six courses (20-25 credits), distributed as follows:

Required Courses (13-16 credits):

- TCCA 140 Public Speaking (3 cr.)
- WINE 205 Fundamentals of Wine (4 cr.)
- BNSS 250 Contemporary Business (4 cr.)
- A capstone experience: IDST 387; a department-specific Internship (487) or
- Independent Study (480) (2-5 cr.)

Elective Courses (7-8 credits):

At least two courses from the following list:
- WINE 290 Wine Career Exploration (4 cr.)
- BIOL 112 Microbiology of Grapes and Wine (3 cr.)
- CHEM 300 The Art and Science of Brewing (4 cr.)
- WINE 325 Topics in Wine Studies (4 cr.)
- WINE 234/TCCA 234 Diverse Voices Across the Wine Industry (4 cr.)

One course from the list below may be substituted as an elective course if approved by
the Wine Studies Coordinator. At least 1/3 of the grade must be devoted to wine-related

- BNAC 461 Cost Accounting (4 cr.)
- MSCM 343 Social Media Theory and Practice (4 cr.)
- MSCM 347 Principles of Public Relations (4 cr.)
- TCCA 340 Persuasion and Social Influence (4 cr.)
- An approved January term study-abroad course focused on wine (4 cr.)
- An approved topics course focused on wine from any department. (4-5 cr.)

To receive elective credit for any of these courses, students must petition the Wine
Studies coordinator and provide a signed agreement between the student and the relevant
course instructor stating that 1/3 of the course grade was devoted to wine-related topics.
If a student believes a course not listed above might be an acceptable alternative elective
course, he or she should check with the coordinator of the program by the second week of
the semester.

Only two courses counted for the Wine Studies minor may also be counted toward
Linfield Curriculum, major requirements or other minor requirements.

Due to overlap in course content, BNSS 250 waived for students completing the 24-
credit BUSN core sequence (BNAC 260, 261, BNMG 301, BNMK 321, BNSS 340, and
BNFN 341).