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Wine Studies Courses

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WINE-112  Microbiology of Grapes & Wine

Role of microorganisms in the growth of grapes and production of wine. Exploration of both beneficial and harmful microbes, and the mechanisms by which microbes interact with their hosts and each other. For the non-science major; assumes no biology or chemistry. 3 credits (NW)

WINE-205  Fundamentals of Wine

Introduction to the multi-faceted world of wine, including cultural and business aspects. A liberal arts perspective involving theory and application to the Oregon wine industry within a global context. Focus on developing research skills and examination of scholarly texts, as related to the wine industry. Discussion of wine history, viticulture, winemaking, marketing, sales, and wine appreciation. 4 credits.

WINE-234  Diverse Voices Across The Wine Industry (also Listed As TCCA 234)

Emphasis on communication within and across dominant cultures and co-cultures in the wine industry. Discussion of privilege, marginalization, opportunity, and social justice at the intersection of race, gender and class. Acquisition of foundational knowledge and skills to create understanding and effective communication among individuals from diverse backgrounds. Offered fall of even-numbered years. 4 credits. (US)

WINE-290  Career Exploration In The Wine Industry

Structured experiential process for learning about careers in the wine industry. Development of goal setting, self-marketing, information gathering, and job and internship search strategies and skills. Site visits, informational interviewing, and guest speakers offering meaningful interaction with employers in the wine industry. Additional fee required. 4 credits.

WINE-325  Topics In Wine

Selected topics in the wine industry. Focus on areas of current interest in the wine industry, which may include wine journalism, wine history, literature and wine, environment and wine, and geography of the wine industry. May be repeated with consent of coordinator when the topic is essentially different. Prerequisite: WINE 205. 4 credits.

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