Center for Wine Education

The Center for Wine Education at Linfield College integrates numerous wine education programs and activities into academic and experiential learning for both undergraduate students and adult learners.

The goals are to provide a unique, interdisciplinary liberal arts study of all aspects of wine, prepare potential future leaders of the wine industry, create opportunities for faculty research and development, and preserve and document the history of the Oregon Wine Industry. The video below provides an overview of Center for Wine Education at Linfield College.

Linfield College currently offers a Wine Studies Minor and is developing a Wine Studies Major. Both the major and minor can be paired with a diverse selection of other majors and minors to give the student a strong liberal arts approach to studying wine and prepare them for a variety of careers in the wine industry. Courses included in the major and minor provide a broad understanding of the diverse aspects of wine that include business, science, history, and culture.

The Center for Wine Education facilitates other learning opportunities for both Linfield students and the community. These include;

  • Two wine-related certificates, a Wine Management Certificate and a Wine Marketing Certificate through the Linfield College Online and Continuing Education program.  This 100% online curriculum is designed for adult learners who are looking for new career opportunities or working to advance an existing wine-related career.
  • The Wine Industry Immersion Program which provides participants with summer field-based learning experience that encompasses visits to vineyards, wineries and wine-related businesses where they meet with wine industry professionals and experience first hand what it is like to work in these environments.  This is a true “behind-the-scenes” experience that cannot be duplicated in the classroom.
  • Various Professional Advancement including an ongoing series of not-for-credit workshops for wine enthusiasts as well as wine industry professionals.
  • A popular Wine Lecture Series by industry experts on a wide variety of wine and food-related topics. The lectures are open to the public.

The Center for Wine Education is also proud to work with the Oregon Wine History Archive, which chronicles the Oregon wine industry and includes historical documents from early wine pioneers. The goal is to document all aspects and regions of the Oregon industry and to collect and preserve historical materials from winery owners, growers, researchers, marketers, and sellers. The archive houses irreplaceable photographs, maps, oral histories, wine labels, magazines, newspapers, letters, and bottles of wine, among other items, and spans the early days of the industry to the present. Significant portions of the collection have been transcribed and uploaded to the DigitalCommons@Linfield, an online repository that is accessed by researchers, wine aficionados, and wine tourists.


Linfield College and the Center for Wine Education has joined with a select group of local wineries to create The Oak and Vine Society.  This program provides a variety of wine-related benefits to its members.  Membership is open to individuals affiliated with Linfield College, to include: alumni, parents, donors, faculty, staff, and students over 21.  Each of the partner wineries supports the Linfield Wine Education Fund to help provide scholarships, internships and other wine-education opportunities for Linfield students. 



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Center for Wine Education Contact Information:

Greg Jones (Background and Publications)
Director of Wine Education

Aaron Williams
Assistant Director of Wine Education

Jeff Peterson
Linfield Center for the Northwest, Sociology and Anthropology