Wildcat Productions has produced a variety of videos including news segments, parodies, sketches and original scripts. In the past, the club has also filmed events for the college – from faculty lectures to the annual Lu'au.

We have five prosumer grade Canon and Panasonic video cameras that use mini DV tapes. Along with Final Cut Pro and After Effects studio editing stations, the club also has a green screen, glidecam, lighting kits, microphones, boom poles, sound mixers and an audio library.


I Want You Back

Roommates 1

Muffin II

A Weekend at College

Mazes and Murlocs

Quest for the Holy Ho-Hos

Abstinence PSA


3600 Seconds

This is but a taste of the movies that Wildcat Productions has created. To view more, check out our YouTube channel, "Linfield Link," through the link in our sidebar.