Welcome to Wildcat Productions!

Ashley and Sean

Wildcat Productions is a media club designed to give Linfield students a chance to have fun with video through learning techniques and gaining hands-on experience with video production. We seek to foster a community where any video is possible, from the serious to the ridiculous. Not only is Wildcat Productions about having fun with video, but it’s also about the application of video to mass media fields. The club is open to anyone who loves film, television or making movies, and it is especially beneficial to any students majoring in visual communication fields.

Wildcat Productions began as a club outlet for the Mass Communication Department to help students gain hands-on experience in a studio. The club created “The Linfield Link," a weekly news show produced in the McMinnville Community Media’s studio. Over time, the emphasis shifted from journalism toward independent media production. In 2008, Wildcat Productions created its own YouTube account to display current and past productions, named after the television show “The Linfield Link.”