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Messages from International Students

Posted on 02.20.19 by Nomindari S. in College of Arts & Science, Linfield University

International Programs Office

IPO Office staff

The International Programs Office (IPO) will assist you in many ways during your stay at Linfield University. The IPO helps with welcome, orientation, Friendship Family placement, and provides information about student life at Linfield.

I still remember the first day I came to the International Programs Office (IPO). The staff at IPO greeted me as if I am one of their closest long time friends. My expectation about Linfield turned by 180 degrees at that time. Crowded with warm hearted people from around the world and filled with all sorts of interesting displays from different countries, I am assured that this is my home away from home. From the little issues like searching the direction to a local restaurant, to the big problems like immigration or visa status, IPO staff are always ready and willing to help. Activities and trips organized from IPO are just undeniable. From a visit to Chinese Garden in Portland, to a trip to the biggest volcanic site - Mount St. Helens, all these sweet and unforgettable memories were carved in my mind with golden ink.
Nomindari S., Mongolia