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Messages from International Students

Posted on 04.11.19 by Wendy Sagers in College of Arts & Science, Linfield University

What I Learned...

International students learn about life from their classes, roommates, friends, and other experiences.

Linfield University is like a big family! Almost all the people know each other and I have lots of
international and local friends here. ELCP classes helped me so much for improving my English skill and they were not boring classes. All the ELCP professors are kind and responsible. Thanks for Linfield University being an amazing college.
Feng C., China

Since I entered my graduate programat U of Utah, many of my friends, both international and American have always asked me such questons as "You speak English very well, is this your native language?" or "Do you speak both English and Vietnamese in Vietnam?" When facing those questions, I always smile and reply that "No, I'm not a native speaker."  But in my mind, I truly know that the Pronunciation class did improve my communication skills drastically and correct many of my English mispronounced words.
Hieu T., Vietnam

ELCP not only taught me necessary skills in class, but more importantly, helped me through the introductory period with its open discussion and class diversity.
Ruya H., China

What I learned pic

Linfield is a liberal art college, which provides the students with a wide range of classes and academic fields. I love that environment as I can choose to learn a lot of things that I don't have the chance to know before. There are many difficulties for a new foreign student to begin his education in U.S., but Linfield can help get rid of them all.
Dung L., Vietnam

By studying at Linfield, not only I was exposed academically, but I grew so much as a person. Even though I am greatly proud of my nationality and faithful to my religion, I have come to realize the importance of thinking globally after being educated at Linfield . Now I believe in the following quote by Thomas Paine. "My country is the world, and my religion is to do good." Therefore I strive to be a better global citizen every day.
Tamir L., Mongolia

I learned something new at Linfield. I learned that you don't have to be smart in everything just do your best. Everyone is special in their own way. We all have special qualities in us, but sometimes we don't realize them. I also learned that helping others is the real joy of life. Be friendly with every one, and show respect towards other cultures.
Ruby B., India

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I learned the importance of forwardness in Linfield University. I try to tell my feelings or opinions directly to my friends, teachers, or friendship family because I have experienced that American people don't like reserve and they accept the thing as it is. ... So, when I communicate with people, I say my opinion as much as I can and hear their opinion as well to know and understand each other.
Tomoko K., Japan

I was interested in how Japanese history and culture are taught in the U.S., so I decided to take Topics in Japanese Literature by Professor Keaveney. In this class, I have read five Japanese books translated in English. ... For each book, we talked about the background or setting. I have already studied the history of Japan, but it is new for me to think about it in English. I learned about Japan from a different point of view. ... I have more interest in the history between Japanese and the U.S.
Shuko H., Japan