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Blended Learning Activities

Activity Face to face approach Online approach Resources
Students write research papers Students hand in a paper copy Students submit a digital copy through email attachment, BlackBoard assignment, Turnitin, or other online means About using BlackBoard
Professor shares news stories/current events media related to class material Professor reads or hands out a hard copy during class Professor shares the content through a link or attachment with email or BlackBoard About using BlackBoard
Students complete short daily quizzes on the reading Professor gives and collects quiz during class time Professor uses BlackBoard or other online quiz software About using BlackBoard
Students participate in small group discussions Students are divided into groups during class time to talk about a particular topic Students use email or online forums to communicate with their group About using BlackBoard
Students and professor participate in whole class discussions The professor mediates the discussion between the entire class Students and professor use email or online forums such as Blackboard to send comments to the class About using BlackBoard
Professor shows video in class and students discuss/answer questions about the video The video is screened on a projector or the viewing room and students discuss or answer questions about the video The professor can share a link to a video for students to watch at home, then students discuss the video on forums or email, or email the professor a review or reflection TeacherTube 
About using BlackBoard
Students write reflections about faculty/guest lectures, prior classes, past work, etc. Students hand in a hard copy of their work Students submit a copy as an email attachment, upload it via BlackBoard, or another online means About using BlackBoard
Students create an individual portfolio for the class Students collect hard copies of work and present them to professor Students house links to their work and projects on a website FolioSpaces Free ePortfolio
ePortfolio Help
Students work together on a small group project Students meet physically to share and integrate their work into a finished project Students use email or web forums to plan and gather their information, and use file-sharing to edit the final project Why should I use a wiki?
Students make presentations before the class individually or in small groups Students bring in visual aids and present before the professor and class Students create a video presentation and upload it for classmates to watch TeacherTube 
Students bring in outside sources to show to class and discuss as a whole class/in small groups Students bring in articles, images, or video links to show to the class Students send links or email attachments to the class to view and discuss the content online About using BlackBoard