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Theatre and Communication Arts

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Revised October 2013

Through the pursuit of a major in theatre arts, students will have an opportunity to:

Program Goal # 1

Obtain knowledge of a broad range of theatrical disciplines and experiences, each of which is important to an understanding of the whole 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the key terms, concepts and theatre artists in each major area of the theatre discipline
  2. Employ the basic skills required in selected major areas of the theatre discipline

Program Goal # 2

Comprehend the interrelationships among the theatrical disciplines by analyzing and solving problems in most practical areas of theatre production

 Learning Outcomes

  1. Articulate the relationships among the various facets of the theatre discipline and collaborate within the theatre production process
  2. Analyze and create solutions to specific challenges in the theatrical process
  3. Develop and defend informed judgments

Program Goal # 3

Achieve adequate preparation to enter graduate school, to accept entry-level positions in theatre, to adapt theatre knowledge and skills to other careers, and to adopt creative approaches to life-long learning

 Learning Outcomes

  1. Present the appropriate skill sets to enter a specific theatre entry-level position or graduate program in theatre
  2. Apply and market theatre skills in other areas of life or careers
  3. Communicate clearly in written and spoken English and conduct basic research in the theatrical discipline

Program Goal # 4

Acquire the skills necessary to function as mindful, creative, and responsible individuals who appreciate the diversity and ambiguity of theatrical experiences and the role of theatre in society

Learning Outcomes

  1. Think conceptually about and critically evaluate text, performance, and production
  2. Explain production processes, aesthetic properties of style, and the way these shape and are shaped by artistic and cultural forces
  3. Articulate critical awareness of one's position within a complex society

 The goals are the same for students pursuing majors and minors with the recognition that minors will not attain the depth of study in the discipline afforded majors.