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Theatre and Communication Arts

Requirements for Intercultural Communication Majors

The interdisciplinary intercultural communication major is available as a bachelor of arts degree only.

The Department of Theatre and Communication Arts offers coursework in two distinct disciplines, which are identified accordingly: those supporting Theatre (THTR) and those supporting Communication Arts (COMM). Courses serving both areas are labeled TACA.

For an Intercultural Communication Major:49-54 credits including 31-32 credits in Communication Arts courses 130, 220, 230, 233, 255, 335, 476, and 140 or 340, and 332 or 353, and 420 with cultural content or 430 with cultural content. In addition, students complete ANTH 111 (4 credits) and select four cultural courses (14-18 credits) in other disciplines including two courses selected from among courses providing disciplinary perspectives on culture including ANTH 341, ENGL 305 or 365, HIST 267 or 370, PHIL 160 or 375, POLS 210, RELS 140 or 310, SOAN 265 or 375; one course selected from among courses providing contemporary social and cultural perspectives including GLFR 312, GLGR 312, GLSP 312, GLJP 360, SOAN 222, 225, 226, 229, 230, or 244; and one course selected from among courses providing historical social and cultural perspectives including HIST 300, 315, 318, 320, 322, 400, GLFR 311. Semester Abroad with public presentation upon return. U.S. Community Diversity Project with public presentation. With approval of advisor, students may substitute an appropriate class taken abroad for one of the cultural courses focused on contemporary perspectives or for one of the cultural courses focused on historical perspectives. Students must earn a grade of C- or higher in courses meeting major requirements. Intercultural Communication majors are encouraged to take language courses beyond those required for the B.A. degree.

Notes: 1) As appropriate, students may elect to earn community service or internship credit for the community diversity project. 2) Given the fluidity of the curriculum, including the frequent addition of one-time special topics courses, students, with the approval of the Communication Arts faculty, may make course substitutions.