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Theatre and Communication Arts

Requirements for Communication Arts Majors and Minors

The communication arts major is available as a bachelor of arts degree only.

The Department of Theatre and Communication Arts offers coursework in two distinct disciplines, which are identified accordingly: those supporting Theatre (THTR) and those supporting Communication Arts (TCCA). Courses serving both areas are labeled TACA.

For a Communication Arts Major: 39 credits, including 130, 140, 220, 230, 255, 340, 455, and 476. In addition, students select two courses from among 233, 332, 335, 430 and two courses from among 353, 355, 420, THTR 181. Students must earn a grade of C- or higher in courses meeting major requirements. As part of the department’s assessment program, communication arts majors participate in a sophomore conference with faculty and a senior interview.

For a Communication Arts minor 23 credits including core courses 140, 255, 340; one course from among 130*, 230*, 233*; one course from among 130*, 230*, 233*, 332, 335, 430; one course from among 220, 353, 355, 420, 455; and one additional TCCA elective from among those courses outside the core with at least three TCCA courses at the 300 or 400 level; Senior Exit Interview. Students must earn a grade of C- or higher in courses meeting minor requirements.

*None of these courses may fulfill more than one requirement within the minor.