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Theatre and Communication Arts

Communication Arts Major

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Revised October 2013

In successfully completing a major or minor in Communication Arts a student will have opportunities to:

Program Goal #1

Learn to create and deliver articulate, reasoned, and ethical messages

Learning Outcomes

  1. Employ critical thinking skills in the formation of arguments
  2. Use competent verbal and nonverbal communication skills
  3. Apply high ethical standards in their conduct as senders and receivers of messages

Program Goal #2

Gain an understanding of the general theory and practice of communication across public, relational, intercultural, political, and mediated contexts

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the nature and process of theoretical inquiry
  2. Critically analyze messages using a theoretical framework
  3. Describe and use principles and techniques that may be employed to improve communication effectiveness

Program Goal #3

Develop sensitivity to the multicultural dimensions of communication by investigating communication practices across cultures as well as culture specific communication patterns

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain the contingent nature of cultural patterns and value orientations
  2. Analyze cultural differences as they affect and are affected by the process of communication

Program Goal #4

Acquire the skills necessary to function as mindful, creative, and responsible citizens who grasp the ambiguity of diverse communication situations

Learning Outcomes             

  1. Articulate an understanding of one’s position within a complex society
  2. Employ engaged listening skills in a variety of social context
  3. Explain empathy and apply this concept in social interactions