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Theatre and Communication Arts

Linfield Forensics Program
(Speech and Debate)

Linfield Forensics is a co-curricular program sponsored by the Communication Arts Program in the Department of Theatre and Communication Arts. It is open to all Linfield students in good academic standing. Previous experience in speech activities is not required.

In general, we attempt to provide opportunities for competitive and non-competitive speaking for all who are interested. Some students may have the desire and time to compete in numerous tournaments in a variety of events. Others may have time to prepare only one event and attend one or two tournaments. Our program provides opportunities for students in both of these categories.

The primary goal of the program is educational. That is, our work focuses on providing each participant with the knowledge and skills to become a more effective communicator within a variety of contexts and forums. This goal is accomplished through both competitive and non-competitive activities. Competitive activities are a means of accomplishing this educational goal; "winning" is not the primary objective. However, each student is expected to work for excellence in his or her communicative abilities. The success of this pursuit may or may not be reflected in the competitive arena.

The Linfield Forensics Team attends tournaments in the Northwest as well as throughout the country. We also offer Spanish-language debate opportunities. Students may expand their communication abilities in both languages, and attend international tournaments such as the Pan-American tournament. The current tournament calendar for the program as well as the tournament results for the current season are available. 

Students may receive paracurricular or regular course credit (Debate Practicum, Public Speaking Practicum or Individual Events Practicum) for participation in forensics. Students participating in the Linfield Forensics Program may qualify for membership in the Oregon Alpha Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, a national forensics honorary.

The forensics program hosts two major tournaments each academic year: the Mahaffey Memorial Collegiate Tournament and the Singletary High School Tournament

For additional information contact:

Dr. Jackson B. Miller, Dean of Faculty, Professor of Communication Arts, and Director of Forensics jmiller@linfield.edu

Dr. Una Kimokeo-Goes, Associate Director of Forensics ukimokeo-goes@linfield.edu