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Communication Arts Program

Linfield's TCA Professor Jackson Miller Plays Cicero
Professor Jackson Miller as "Cicero"
"It is the ability to symbolize, to speak and to write, which makes us human and makes human society possible; therefore, to understand speech is to understand the essence of our humanity."
- Gordon Hostettler

"I appreciate how the study of communication allows me to critically think about the world, to understand how we work as human beings, to search for meaning, and to inquire. This major has taught me how to work with people, how to conduct research, how to inquire thoughtfully, and how to seek out answers to my questions."
- Samantha Mack, Communication Arts Major, Linfield College class of 2011

The Communication Arts major strives to develop students who realize that the ability to use symbols to interact with one another is one of the defining characteristics of humans; that through this symbolic process self and social reality are created; and that if humans are to realize their potential, they must be able to produce and receive those symbols in meaningful and responsible ways with respect for both similarities and differences among people and cultures. Course work and experiential learning opportunities, the department's internship program, and community service projects provide students with theoretical perspectives, practical skills, and flexibility that prepare them to be engaged citizens as they pursue careers or graduate work.