I Was Teching before You Were Born

by Debbie Hansen Harmon '90

Debbie Harmon

So, some of you know that my little boy is in his first play. As it turns out, he will appear in a Linfield production of A Doll's House. First, I should say it has been the most wonderful experience to watch him develop a love of the stage and of theatre people. He has taken to it like a fish to water. Sure the 20-year old actors took umbrage when the 5-year old corrected their lines, but in general they have been wonderfully welcoming.

The funniest part of the experience was this past weekend which was tech week. The stage managers and ASMs took the time to explain to me what a tech rehearsal was and how things would work. It was all I could do to not laugh. Yes, my college days were eons ago, and yes we worked in some interesting conditions, but come on! I actually stage managed the first show in the "new" space six years ago. I am not that rusty. They must look at me and only see a soccer mom - whereas I still look in the mirror and see a vibrant, organized stage manager who can imitate sizzling bacon at cast parties. It made me wonder if John Elway were to show up at Bronco Stadium 10 years from now, will someone try to explain to him how the game of football is played?

On another note, you would not believe how many people they have assisting on the production. I guess that is a luxury of having a huge space. They have five people on the costume crew alone. They have three assistant stage managers. There are two students who sit int he green room the entire show - and I still haven't figured out what they do. I found out last night one of them actually graduated last year and just comes to be near his fiance. Wow! I don't think we ever had a crew of more than four people. Random fiances would certainly not have fit backstage.

Many things have changed in the program, but the basics are still the same. I see your handprints on the wall each night, and I am enjoying great memories of all of you as I experience Linfield Theatre in my new capacity as stage mom.

Love to all!