Sustainability Grant Award Recipients


Sustainability Film Festival

This $1000 grant funded a week-long Sustainability film festival.  Environment-focused and sustainability-themed films were shown in ICE Auditorium, followed by panel discussions and audience participation lectures.
Student Awardee: Joe Stevik '15

Light Bulb Recycling Program

This $1000 grant helped Linfield's Facilities Services implement a light bulb recycling program to help us move toward our Zero-Waste goal.
Student Awardee: Jackson Horton '15

Linfield Garden Expansion

A $1700 grant allowing students to to expand the Linfield Garden's total square-footage by two times, thus providing more space to plant and harvest produce.
Student Awardee: Alaire Hughey '17

Bike Co-op Equipment Updates

A $1000 grant for the purchase of new bike co-op repair equipment for the advancement of the co-op's goals of excellency.
Student Awardee: Wyatt Lay

Recycling Receptacles

An $825 grant for the purchase of more recycling receptacles for around campus.
Student Awardee: Adam Hernandez '16


Good Life Conference

A $1000 grant to allow for the organization of a conference at Linfield featuring guests speaking about how to engage community in a more positive, holistic manner.
Student Awardee: Katricia Stewart '15

Alternative Spring Break

A $685 grant that allowed a group of Linfield students to travel to Camp Westwind - located on the Oregon Coast - to participate in stewardship projects as a pre-Spring Break event.  An additional $2000 grant was awarded for the same group to travel to Alaska, where students engaged sustainable practices and nature conservancy hands-on, during Spring Break as part of Linfield's annual Alternative Spring Break trip.
Student Awardee: Sara Gomez '17


AASHE Conference Attendance

A $1000 grant was provided to Sofia Webster ‘15 to attend the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Conference in Nashville, Tennessee in order to learn more about different methods of sustainability being practiced in colleges and universities across the nation.
Student Awardee: Sofia Webster ‘15

Zero Waste Dining Ware

A $500 was awarded to purchase reusable dining ware to be used for events on the Linfield campus as an alternative to disposable dining ware.
Student Awardee: Alexander Ogle ‘16

Composting Bins

A $251.30 grant will fund the placement of composting bins in residence halls as a continuance of an initial pilot program. Part of the funds will also go to purchasing 30 more composting bins, which can be checked out and used by students living in the on-campus apartments.
Student Awardee: Nicole Lewis ‘15

Alternative Spring Break

A $2000 grant will fund the participation of 14 Linfield students in a program that will focus on green outreach in the Linfield and McMinnville community. Students will be working with local farms, Habitat for Humanity, and the Linfield Garden in order to connect the values of sustainability with real-world applications.
Student Awardee: Kaleigh Ansdell ‘14

Give and Go Program Work Study

A $3,341.52 grant will go to funding a work study position for the Linfield Give and Go program, which provides 50 gallon bins around campus at the end of the year for students to get rid of unwanted items without throwing them away. The money will go towards hiring a work study student over the summer to set out the bins, create a collection schedule, sort through and store the items, and organize a garage sale for the next fall. The proceeds from the garage sale will go towards funding the work-study position in the future, thus creating a sustainable system.
Awardee: Duncan Reid, Sustainability Coordinator

Recycle Bin Pilot Program

A $5000 grant will fund the purchasing of a four-bin recycling station that includes slots for commingled recycling, composting, landfill waste, and glass. The four bins will be placed in key locations on campus that will monitor and measure the response of the Linfield community to the separated waste containers and will help to reduce the amount of waste diverted to the Riverbend Landfill located in the community's backyard.
Student Awardees: Katricia Stewart ‘15 and Marisa Specht ‘16



Alternative Spring Break

A $660 grant award will support the participation of 12 Linfield students in the Northwest Sustainability Challenge, a sustainability service learning trip focused on green building issues, direct service to repair trails and exploration of the Tryon Life Community farm.
Student Awardees: Duncan Reid and Sarah Valentine.
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Bike Co-op

A $3,116 grant will provide funds to purchase bike safety equipment and specialized bike tools for the Linfield Bike Co-Op, a program that loans bikes and provides free bicycle maintenance for the Linfield Community.
Student Awardees: David Kellner-Rode.

Bike Parking Shelter

As part of the Northwest Sustainability Challenge, a $6,490 grant will support construction of sustainable bike shelter by Linfield students.  The structure will feature green building materials, living roof with a solar array to provide power for lights and an educational sign.
Student Awardees: Duncan Reid and Sarah Valentine.


Two students received funding for a pilot project to purchase a self contained composter tumbler.  For this project, student area residents will collect garbage from selected residence spaces and create compost for a future community garden. Their award was $744 for 50” x 40” compost tumbler. This is a beta program and its success will determine if additional tumbler should be purchased.
Student Awardees: Katherine Kann and Rachel Codd.

Community Garden

The Linfield Garden Club received a $2,128 award to construct a new 30’ x 50’ raised garden bed near Dillin Hall.  The project is designed to educate the Linfield Community about gardening techniques.  Ultimately the club hopes to grow enough fresh produce to provide food to Sodexho, Inc., Linfield’s food service provider.
Student Awardees: Samantha Mack, Elizabeth Wilcox and Lily Ratliff.
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