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Renewable Energy and Sustianability Grant Fund


The Renewable Energy and Sustainability Grant Fund was created by Linfield students in Spring 2009. The referendum first passed through the student Senate and then through a student body vote on May 11th, 2009, generating approximately $30,000 annually to support renewable energy and sustainability projects on campus. Half of the fund is earmarked for local renewable energy projects, such as solar power and renewable energy credits, while the other half is available to fund Linfield community sustainability initiatives through a grant process that is open to all Linfield community members.

Renewable Energy

Linfield is currently offsetting 100% of our emissions through the Renewable Choice carbon offset program with NW Natural Gas. Dollars from the Renewable Energy portion of the fund are going towards this project.

Sustainability Projects

Over the years, the Renewable Energy and Sustainability Grant Fund has supported a number of projects including: The Linfield Bike Co-op, the Linfield Community Garden, a composting pilot program, the construction of a green-roofed bike structure on campus, water fill stations and more. For more information and a complete list of past projects see Sustainability Grant Recipients.


The fund is currently managed by the student Sustainability Council. Grants are divided into small grants of $1,000 or less and large grants of more than $1,000. For more information about the sustainability grant process or to apply for a grant, please visit the ASLC Sustainability Grant page.