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Program Information

Welcome to The Sustainably Oriented Interconnected Living (SOIL) Project! We are excited for you to join us at Linfield and participate in the program. Throughout the week you will have the opportunity to connect with the Linfield and McMinnville communities through the lens of sustainability. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the program. We are very excited to have you on board and we look forward to meeting you!

The SOIL Project will include learning about and engaging with local sustainability resources, Zero Waste efforts in the community, and sustainable local businesses. You will also get first-hand experience volunteering in the Linfield organic garden, navigating downtown Mcminnville and learning how to adopt and apply sustainable lifestyle practices. There will also be many opportunities for fun outdoor activities!

To apply for a Pre-Orientation Program, login to your Linfield Admission Portal and select the Pre-Orientation Programs application.

2018 Timeline

February 13 - Applications for pre-orientation programs available.
Friday, June 29 - Applications and scholarship applications due.
Friday, July 20 - Acceptance and scholarship notifications sent via email.
Friday, July 27 - Deadline to confirm participation in The SOIL Project. Program fee ($50, no refunds) and paperwork due.
Monday, August 6 - SOIL Schedule Sent

Friday, August 17 - The SOIL Project Welcome!

  • 9AM-12:30PM: Move in to your residence hall. (Check-in at Riley Hall)
  • 3:30PM: All early arrival students and parents attend President Mile Davis' Welcome (Ice Auditorium, 1st floor of Melrose Hall)
  • 4:30PM: The SOIL Project Welcome (Fred Meyer Lounge in Riley Hall). Meet & Greet and official goodbyes to parents/family members.
  • 5PM: Let The SOIL Project begin!

August 17-22 - The SOIL Project! (Detailed schedule included in your Welcome Packet.)
August 24 - Linfield Orientation officially begins. Click here for a schedule.

Sample Schedule (2016)

Meet The SOIL Project leaders and good byes to family
The SOIL Project Orientation

Safe Space and Ground Rules
Linfield Garden
Food Values Workshop

Recology Field Trip
Ultimate Frisbee!
Zero Waste Workshop
Ice cream social in the garden with AHA

Cozine Creek Clean Up
Camp Smith
Sustainability Circle

Landfill Tour
Sustainability at Linfield Workshop
Bowling, Walnut City Lanes

Brunch, Community Plate
Wrap Up Reflection and Close, Cozine Creek



Since The SOIL Project is not providing transportation to/from the airport, how can I get to campus?
You are welcome to network with other students and look for a ride from other admitted students. If you need to book a shuttle through a privately owned company, click here for a list of reputable shuttles that run from the airport to McMinnville.

Can we move into housing early?
No. Housing will open at 9AM on Friday, August 17th, 2018. You are not eligible to arrive earlier than that date.

Should our parents plan to stay later than 5PM on the first day?
Your parents are invited to return the following week, if they wish, for the official Linfield orientation. Otherwise, please plan to say goodbye to your parents on Friday, August 17 at 5PM.

If we live close by, do we have to stay on campus for the whole program?
Yes. The SOIL Project is designed to build community. No matter where you are from, you will be required to stay in your assigned and designated on-campus housing for the duration of the program unless you are a commuting student.

Will there be any free time to explore?
There will be break times when you will have an opportunity to rest and relax but most of the time is scheduled from 8AM-8PM every day! It will be filled with fun adventures and activities and plenty of exploring the Linfield campus and community.

What should I pack?
There is a packing list included in the Welcome Packet. Remember that it is not a comprehensive list, but only covers what you need for The SOIL Project. You'll probably want more for college!

If you have further questions or concerns, please email