Sustainable Living at Linfield

Composting in the Residence HallsCompost Bin

Each residence hall is equipped with a compost bucket (contact your RA or Green Chair for info on the location) that will take food scraps such as banana peels, vegetables, fruit, etc. in order to divert these compostable items from the landfill. These scraps go to local pig farms for pig feed, so if you're ever wondering if you can throw something away in the compost bin, ask yourself, would a pig be able to eat this? Check out the Zero Waste page for more info on composting in the halls. For those living in off-campus housing and apartments, contact Hannah Mitchell, Area Director for Residential Experience (hmitchel@linfield or 503-883-5356) to rent a compost bucket for the year and bring sustainability to you!

Green Chairs

Each residence hall has a Green Chair position that meets twice a month with the Sustainability Coordinator and Green Chairs from the other residence halls to discuss and coordinate sustainability related projects and practices in their halls, as well as encourage students to participate in campus-wide sustainability related events, such as Linfield College's Earth Week, that they themselves have helped to plan and prepare.