Eat Local!

Linfield students are dedicated to sustainable eating practices from eating local and organic foods in our dining hall to supporting the Linfield Community Garden. McMinnville is home to a robust agricultural community that offers produce, meats, dairy products and wines locally and sustainably year round. There are many opportunities both on and off campus at Linfield to experience fresh, local and sustainable foods.

On Campus

Eat Local at Dillin

Did you know that many local food options are available on campus at Dillin Hall? Check out the top local and organic products offered at our own cafeteria below. For more information about sustainable campus dining options please visit Linfield Dining.

Top 5 Local Foods served at Dillin:

1) Spring Valley Dairy "RBST" free from Silverton, OR
2) Franz Great Seed Organic bread from Eugene, OR
3) Mushrooms from the Yamhill Valley Mushroom Farm
4) Onions from Curry and Co. in Brooks, OR
5) Potatoes from F.C. Bloxom in Seattle, WA

Top 5 Organic Foods served at Dillin:

1) Organic Lunberg brown rice
2) Organic chicken breast
3) Franz Organic Great Seed bread
4) Whole eggs and organic free range brown eggs
5) Organic spinach

Linfield Community Garden

The Linfield Community Garden is a student run garden located in the heart of the campus, South of Renshaw Hall. Initiated fall 2009, the garden was started by the Linfield Garden Club which received funding from a Sustainability Grant.

For more information visit the Linfield Community Garden site.
To get involved, drop by the garden or email

In the Community

McMinnville Farmers' Market

The McMinnville Farmers' Market offers community members fresh local produce every Thursday from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm from May-October and is located between 2nd and 3rd on Cowls Street in downtown McMinnville. For current news visit the McMinnville Farmer's Market Facebook Page.

Local Restaurants

Community Plate  - supports local area growers, farmers, and artisans  through use of fresh, local ingredients in their housemade dishes

Cornerstone Cafe - local coffee shop that roasts their own coffee beans on location for the freshest coffee in town

Crescent Cafe - uses only the freshest, local ingredients in their dishes

Golden Valley Brewery - provides housemade meals prepared with fresh, local ingredients, as well as organic produce grown on their family owned ranch and serves beef made from cattle raised and fed grain they grow themselves

Thistle - serves dishes with fresh, and locally sourced ingredients and produce from surrounding farms

Local Grocery Stores

Harvest Fresh - starting as McMinnville's first food co-op, this local grocery store provides a wide variety of organically grown and locally sourced  foods; grass-fed, free range, and antibiotic and hormone-free meats; and minimally-processed foods from farms around the McMinnville area

Roth's - provides organically grown produce and grass-fed beef sourced from local farms in the Pacific Northwest