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Linfield College Sustainability

Eat Local

Linfield Community GardenLinfield College is dedicated to sustainable eating practices from eating local and organic foods in our dining hall to supporting the student-run Community Garden. There are also many places located near campus that offer local and organically grown products. Check out our list of some of the local restaurants and grocery stores for some of the freshest foods that will satisfy your taste buds and also support our local Yamhill growers.

Walk, Bike, Ride

Reduce your carbon footprint on and off campus by renting a bike from the Linfield Bike Co-Op or taking the YCTA bus across town to do your grocery shopping. Not to mention saving money on gas, Linfield parking permits, and other car related expenses! Find more information on bus routes, schedules, and other transportation options available for Linfield students here.

Sustainable Living at Linfield

Living in a residence hall actually provides many opportunities for a sustainable lifestyle. Even the smallest tasks such as turning out the lights when you leave the room are contributions to the bigger sustainable picture. Check out these super easy 10 Tips on Sustainable Living in the Dorms to reduce your impact on the environment and find more information on living sustainably in your dorms here!

Big Belly Solar CompactorZero Waste

Thanks to a joint effort between facilities staff, students and the local recycling company, Western Oregon Waste, Linfield has been actively reducing the amount of waste traveling to the Riverbend landfill from our campus. Not sure what can be recycled or composted? Check out our simple guide to recycling and learn how you can reduce, reuse and recycle at Linfield.


Check out how Linfield is regulating and maintaining our commitment to becoming more sustainable as a campus. Here is where you can see us putting in the effort to reach our goal of reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible.

Sustainability in the Curriculum

Itching to apply your sustainability methods to a career after college? Linfield offers many courses that integrate sustainability in the academic setting, and the Environmental Studies major and minor allows you to put those methods into practice across a variety of other disciplines. Check out the different classes you can take to turn that sustainable lifestyle of yours into a career.