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Linfield College Sustainability Mission


Linfield College SustainabilitySustainability at Linfield connects our mission of Learning, Life and Community to the values of Environment, Equity and Economics. We acknowledge our role as an institution of higher education to foster a sense of global responsibility and educate our community as conscientious citizens. In order to live true to these values, Linfield seeks to implement practices that meet current needs while providing that future generations can meet their own needs. Linfield intentionally and responsibly balances these interests and values while incorporating sustainability into the mission of the college community:

Environment: Environmental sustainability uses a whole systems approach that accurately accounts for the net impacts incurred by human interaction with the natural world. Environmental sustainability recognizes the importance of an ecological view that acknowledges the inextricable links between humans and the environment and considers natural resources that are both used and affected by this relationship.

Equity: Social equity makes every effort to eliminate barriers to participation and access to resources in an effort to promote fairness and equality for all. Equal opportunity and inclusion are essential in a just community. Equity is a means to the end of social sustainability where gender, age, status, ethnicity, physical form, and all differences are embraced and honored.

Economics: Economic sustainability observes all inputs and considers all costs in the decision making process. Economic efficiency and return are key components of sustainability. The efficient and responsible use of resources, in monetary terms, is integral in economic sustainability.