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Green Office Partnership Program


The Linfield Office of Sustainability in partnership with the Sustainability Engagement Everyday (SEED) group comprised of Linfield faculty and staff have developed a Green Office Partnership Program that celebrates and incentivizes adoption of sustainability practices within campus workspaces. Green leaders are appointed to liaise between their office and the program. We are partnered with the third party organization Green Seal who would provide certification for our program. We are proud to offer this program at the start of the Spring 2016 semester.

Program Structure

The Office of Sustainability will determine a set of criteria that meets the Green Seal program standards. This will take the form of a checklist. The appointed Green Leaders will then fill out the checklist for their office. The Office of Sustainability would then perform an audit to verify the accuracy of the reporting. After the checklist has been verified, the office will be awarded points and a certification level based on their results. The Office of Sustainability will also provide feedback about what next steps can be taken to more fully integrate sustainability into the office as well as incentives for top achieving offices.

How to Apply

Download the application checklist here!

  1. Identify a Green Office Leader (requirements can be found below). Download the Green Office Leader Agreement for more information on the specific duties expected of a Green Office Leader
  2. Register for the Green Office Program
  3. Complete the application checklist (download the application checklist here!)
  4. Submit checklist to the Office of Sustainability (
  5. Contact the Office of Sustainability to schedule a walk-through of your office
  6. Receive certification and continue to develop sustainability practices
  7. Continue to attend SEED meetings for updates and more information

For more detailed information on how to apply, download the pdf here!

Green Leader Requirements

  • Complete and submit checklist (~1hr)
  • Liaise between their office and the Green Office Partnership Program
  • Attend SEED meetings each semester (~1hr)
  • Implement sustainability practices in their office (optional)

For a more detailed list of duties and expectations, download the Green Office Leader Agreement.

Green Seal Partnership

Our program has been verified and approved by Green Seal, a 3rd party organization. They have certified our program to better communicate our integrity with the external community. 

Visit the Green Seal website to learn more about this nonprofit organization and the services they offer!