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Linfield College
- Linfield College

ACES Committee Members 2016-17

Nancy Broshot, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Kathy Cook, Assistant to VP and General Counsel

Rebekah Creswell, Student (PDX)

James J. Diamond, Professor of Chemistry

Larry Doty, Associate Professor of Health, Human Performance and Athletics

Robert Gardner, Associate Professor of Sociology

Jennifer Heath, Associate Professor of Physics

Delane Hein, Area Director, Student Housing

Allison Horn, Director of Facilities Services

William Masullo, Manager, Linfield Sodexo Dining Services

John McKeegan, Vice President and General Counsel, Co-Chair

Josh Merrick, Assistant Director of Student Life/Residential Experiences (PDX)

Sandra Nixon, Cleaning Services

Duncan Reid, Sustainability Coordinator, Co-Chair

Kristie Rickerd, Senior Associate Director of Admission

Mary Ann Rodriguez, Vice President for Finance & Administration/CFO

Alexis Sayer, Student (PDX)

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