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History of ACES

Linfield President Thomas Hellie appointed the ACES committee (Advisory Committee on the Environment and Sustainability) in September 2007.  The charge given to the committee by President Hellie consisted of six tasks:

  1. Determine our carbon footprint and ways to reduce it.
  2. Develop guidelines for assuring new campus buildings meet LEED Silver standards.           
  3. Find out what is currently going on across the campus around recycling, conservation of energy, and sustainability.
  4. Determine whether meeting the Presidents' Climate Commitment is feasible.
  5. Determine potential costs for all of this, including monetary, academic, personal, and social costs.           
  6. Develop strategies to communicate both to the campus community and to the wider community what we do now and what we plan to do.

ACES urged President Hellie to sign the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment, and he did so on Earth Day, 2008.  ACES then proceeded to address the remaining tasks and, at the end of spring semester 2009, the group endorsed the second major commitment of the Presidents Climate Commitment, the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report, which was submitted in September 2009. ACES continues to guide Linfield's sustainability effort.