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Wildcat Interest Groups (WIGs) 

Every new or transfer student enrolled in IDST 007/009 is required to participate in Wildcat Welcome Week, which included participation in a Wildcat Interest Group (WIG). Each WIG will provide students with the chance to: 

  1. Develop a sense of community at Linfield
  2. Engage with faculty, staff, and peer mentors
  3. Learn more about campus involvement 
  4. Participate in an experiential learning opportunity

Signing Up for a WIG

Enrolling students should login to their Linfield Admission Portal to rank their preferred WIGs. 

**Fall student-athletes will automatically be placed in their sport's WIG. However, fall student-athletes should still login to their Linfield Admission Portal to rank their preferred WIGs** 

WIG Descriptions 

This list does not include fall athletics, which fall athletes will participate in as their WIG. 

Title Description Coordinator(s)
Arts and Humanities in Action!  In the dynamic AHA! program, you and fellow students will come together with Linfield faculty and staff to explore and create. You will learn about major fields in the Arts and Humanities, understand what questions they ask and may answer, and how you can prosper in these fields and the extraordinary number of jobs they prepare you for. Tom Mertes
Conversations on Social Justice Today Connect with others who have a passion for promoting social justice and creating inclusive societies. In light of the current national conversation around Black Lives Matter and its global impact, you will engage in conversations to look into how diversity is experienced as oppression through a framework of Identity, Power and Intersectionality. You will also discuss ways to take social action that brings about positive change aimed at creating a socially just society for all. As a participant, you will get to identify practical steps and actions that you can do during your time at Linfield to actively play a part in fostering a welcoming and inclusive Linfield. Esperance Ibuka 
Education Exploration Join the Education Department for a unique opportunity to work closely with like-minded peers and interact with faculty and staff. Topics to be explored: Children’s Literature: Windows & Mirrors; Science: The Search for Knowledge? or Fake News?; Anti-Racist Practices in Education; and Exploring Careers in Education. Grace Tissel 
Exploring Nursing Are you looking to connect with other pre-nursing students? Do you have questions about Linfield’s School of Nursing? Are you looking for ways to start building your path towards the future? Please join Linfield students, staff, and faculty as we explore the pre-nursing path to the Portland campus, discover what it’s like to be a Linfield nursing student, build connections to support you in your nursing journey, and launch Linfield’s first Pre-Nursing Club! Michele Rosingana
Going Viral Social media plays an important role in higher education and especially at Linfield. Creative videos and posts on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and others helps tell Linfield's story to those who've never set foot in McMinnville. We'll teach you tips on ways to create fun and engaging content and how to shoot it all from your phone or camera. Travis McGuire
iFOCUS iFOCUS is the science and math orientation interest group at Linfield. Now in our 9th year, iFOCUS gives participants the opportunity to meet and do short research projects with faculty in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Math. Meet other science interested students and get a jump start with sciences by joining iFOCUS! Jeremy Weisz
Ignite: Fuel the Fire for Change In the Ignite program, students will learn about and develop an understanding of the underlying social issues that contribute to Hunger and Homelessness within our communities. Students will collaborate with community partners in hands-on service to help enact change for those affected by food and housing insecurities. Join in and help us fuel the fire for change! Adrian Hammond
Investigating your Career Success: Start navigating your future now!  Get an early jump on starting the process to discover your purpose and what you're about from the career and major possibilities perspective. Explore, engage, and discover with other students and learn from guest speakers, including Linfield alumni and community members. Start here, go anywhere! Michael J. Hampton 
Let's Wine about COVID-19 Join us to learn about Oregon's wine industry and how they and other wine regions around the world are managing COVID-19 related impacts. Also, see grapevines in action and test your senses for wine aromas and flavors. Greg Jones
Linfield U Survival School What does it take to survive and thrive at Linfield U? Come learn about everything from partying safely and successfully to finding academic help. We will talk about making the most of your Linfield experience and becoming a good citizen of the university. Ginny Blackson
Make + Burn: Outdoor Ceramics Join Joe Robinson, Art Department faculty, in making and firing pinched ceramic pots and checking out the awesome things possible at the Miller Fine Art Center. We'll do an outdoor firing of the works we make called raku, where we pull our red-hot pots from the kiln at 1800F and cover them in combustibles like leaves and paper- watch out for the flames! Joe Robinson
Sport & Society  What role does sport play in society? How does sport prepare us for other facets of life? What even is SPORT? These are just a few of the questions we will tackle in the Sport & Society Wildcat Interest Group. Join us for in-depth discussion, debate, practical application and, of course, some physical activity as we exercise our minds and bodies and get a deeper understanding of the role of sport in our world. Natalie Welch 
Strange Remains & Astonishing Death  Taught by a forensics expert, you will travel through the history of crime, landing on the techniques modern forensic scientists use solve the most baffling homicides. As a forensic scientist you will: extract & examine DNA; analyze bloodstain patterns; search for human remains and determine the cause of death. Test your skills at the end of the week with a mock crime scene and catch the killer! Liz DeVisser
Theatre as an agent of Social Change Theatre and other arts serve many purposes - to entertain, to inform, to educate, to challenge. Theatre has often given voice to the voiceless and challenged the status quo. We will take a look back at past works that have done that. Then, in smaller groups workshop your ideas to affect social change through characters, imagery, and plot. Debbie Harmon Ferry
WILD: Wilderness Immersion & Leadership Development Explore what the great Oregon wilderness has to offer. Spend time hiking and kayaking and earn your Wilderness First Aid certification. Janet Peterson
Wildcats Walk this Way Let's go for a walk! Explore awesome walking routes around Linfield and McMinnville, enjoy fresh air and exercise, make new friends, and have some fun. Be prepared to go for a long walk at each session, and learn some basic mindfulness and wellness tips to help you make the most of your college experience. Jennifer Nice
Yoga in Action, Thought, & Rest On and off the mat, yoga has the power to enhance your life at Linfield and beyond. We all need tools to take better care of ourselves, set personal boundaries, reflect on values and emotions, and create our space. Each day will include yoga on the mat, mindfulness techniques, breathwork for stress management, reflection activities, and learning how yoga connects to a variety of academic topics. Katie D'Aboy