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Pre-Orientation Programs 

Pre-Orientation Programs are a fantastic way for you to get to know other new Wildcats, learn more about our communities, and become more comfortable at Linfield before New Student Orientation begins. 

How to Apply 

Apply for Pre-Orientation Programs through your Linfield Admission Portal starting June 1.  



**Timeline is subject to change and will be updated regularly**

Application Deadline June 15 
Application Decisions July 1
Move-In Dates Move-in dates vary based on program participation. For comprehensive move-in information, please visit: https://www.linfield.edu/reslife/linfield-housing-information/housing-calendar/move-in-information.html 


Program Offerings 

Arts & Humanities in Action (AHA) 

Program Coordinator Tom Mertes, Visiting Assistant Professor of History and Competitive Scholarship Advisor
Program Contact Information tmertes@linfield.edu, (503) 883-2759
Description AHA Pre-orientation program explores major fields of arts and humanities. The exploration considers the questions the fields ask, and what kind of answers they might find. AHA connects each participant to professors in these fields and the extraordinary number of jobs they prepare students for. By the end of the residency, participants will have explored a personal area of interest culminating in an interpretive project.
Program Link https://www.linfield.edu/aha-program-overview.html
Program Dates August 21 - 26, 2020


Program Coordinator Jeremy Weisz, Professor of Biology 
Program Contact Information jweisz@linfield.edu 
Description The interdisciplinary first-year orientation camp for undergrads in sciences (iFOCUS) is an immersive experience for students interested in any of the STEM fields (biology, chemistry, physics, math, etc.). During the program, students will conduct research projects across several science disciplines, working directly with faculty in these departments. In past years, projects have included fruit fly genetics, synthesis of penicillin derivatives, and the mathematics of the heartbeat. iFOCUS participants get the opportunity to experience a variety of the research projects being done here at Linfield. In addition, participants meet their science and math faculty before the semester begins, as well as meeting other students with similar interests. iFOCUS is your chance to dive into science and math as you become a Wildcat.
Program Link www.linfield.edu/ifocus 
Program Dates August 21 - 26, 2020

Ignite: Fuel the Fire for Change 

Program Coordinator Adrian Hammond, Director of Community Engagement 
Program Contact Information ahammond@linfield.edu 
Description Ignite is a pre-orientation program that offers students the opportunity to learn about social issues and collaborate with community partners to enact change through service. The Ignite program offers two specific tracks focusing on different social issues: Environmental Sustainability, and Hunger & Homelessness.
Program Link https://www.linfield.edu/serve/prospective.html 
Program Dates August 21 - 26, 2020

Social Justice & Civility Program (SJC)

Program Coordinators Esperance Ibuka, Director of Inclusion, Access, & Diversity
Kaelia Neal, Program Coordinator for Inclusion, Access, & Diversity
Program Contact Information inclusion@linfield.edu, 503-883-2574 
Description  The Social Justice and Civility (SJC) program provides students with the opportunity to: (i) connect with others who have a passion for promoting social justice and creating inclusive societies; (ii) look into how diversity is experienced as oppression through a framework of Identity, Power and Intersectionality; (iii) be introduced to how one can take social action that brings about positive change aimed at creating a more socially just society; (iv) have an opportunity to interact with some members of local organizations whose purposes are to advocate for inclusion, equity and justice. Students who participate in this program can choose to serve as social justice advocates and inclusion ambassadors at Linfield
Program Dates August 24 - 26, 2020

WILD: Wilderness Immersion & Leadership Development 

Program Coordinator  Callie Nees, Program Coordinator for Community Engagement 
Program Contact Information recreation@linfield.edu or cnees@linfield.edu 
Description Wilderness Immersion and Leadership Development (WILD) is a five-day applied outdoor leadership pre-orientation program for any first-year or transfer student. Through WILD, students gain leadership experience by spending time in the Pacific Northwest engaging in outdoor activities. During the program, all participants will become Wilderness First Aid Certified, an international first-aid certification specializing in addressing medical scenarios in wilderness settings. Students participate in activities including rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and may have the opportunity to go backpacking. Students learn to assess and manage risk in the outdoors, Leave No Trace principles, identification of local flora and fauna, backcountry cooking and many more essential outdoor skills. Participants will create connections with fellow Linfield students, staff and faculty in the unique and awe-inspiring outdoor settings Oregon has to offer.  No prior outdoor experience is required; however, participants must complete an 8-hour online Wilderness First Aid course prior to arrival.
Program Link https://www.linfield.edu/outdoor-recreation/wild.html 
Program Dates August 21 - 26, 2020