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Student Accounts / Cashier Office

Tuition statements are available in your Student Account Center

Linfield College is partnered with Nelnet-TMS to provide students and families a "one-stop" online location for handling your student account.  The Student Account Center allows students and parents to access tuition statements, view account activity, make payments, set up payment plans and select preferences for student account refunds. It is required that all students register with the Student Account Center.

If you have not registered for the Student Account Center, an e-mail invitation from Linfield College ( was sent to your Linfield email address.  Once registered with the Student Account Center, students can share on-line access with parents, or others, involved with paying their tuition bill.  You only have to register for your Student Account Center once and then continue to use your same log in information while at Linfield. 

For assistance navigating the Student Account Center, please click play on the video link below or email the Student Accounts Office at

Student Account Center Help Video


Students can add a participant by selecting "Add a Participant" on the front page of their log in via their Student Account Center.  Once a student adds a participant in their SAC, an email will be sent with an invitation-registration link allowing you the ability to set up your own log in for shared access to receive emails when statements are ready, make payments, set up payment plans and see real time, up to date account information. 





 Monthly Statements

Linfield College is committed to sustainability efforts and only mails out one "paper" bill to your home address for the initial Fall Semester charges each year. 

All future tuition statements will only be available online through your Student Account Center.  You will receive e-mail notification when your monthly billing statement is available to view in your Student Account Center.  This statement details the activity on your account and the current balance due.  We ask that you review these statements to confirm that payments, scholarships, and loans are accurately reflected on your student account.

When Tuition Statements are Processed:

Tuition statements are generated once a month by the Student Accounts Office and uploaded to your Student Account Center.   Semester statements are processed as indicated in the table below. If you have a balance due, a statement will be generated for you and an email will be sent once it is available to view and print online via your Student Account Center. 

Any parent/participant you have added will also receive the email notifications so they are up to date with information of when your bill is due.

Tuition Statement Billing Dates


Date Charged to Student Account

Date Tuition Statement Processed

Due Date

Fall Term July 1st July 7th August 15th
January Term December 1st December 5th January 1st or pay with spring due
Spring Term January 1st January 7th February 1st
Summer Term (Portland Campus) May 1st May 5th June 1st
Summer Term (McMinnville Campus) May 1st May 1st June 1st
June Term Only June 1st June 1st June 15th

* Online & Continuing Education Campus *

Accounts are charged at the time of registration and monthly statements are sent as indicated above.  If you have not registered by the standard billing dates, your account will be due on or before the first day of classes.  Once you register, please be sure to log into your Student Account Center to review your billing activity of charges due.

Explanation of Your Tuition Statement:

Tuition statements will provide detail of the activity on your student account and the current balance due.  We ask that you review these statements to confirm that payments, scholarships, and loans are accurately reflected on your student account.


Charges include any previous balance that was not satisfied, tuition and fees for the current semester’s registration.  Recent changes to registration, housing or meal plans after the date of the invoice may not be reflected.


Payments reflect any payments received, adjustments to your charges (room/board, etc.) and including financial aid applied as of the statement date.

Estimated Financial Aid 

Estimated Financial Aid reflects any estimated financial aid that is to be applied to the account.  This aid will be accounted for when setting up a payment plan, even if the aid has not yet been disbursed.  

Total Balance

The total in the far-right column indicates the balance due or anticipated credit refund as of the statement date. A minus sign (-) before the amount due indicates a credit balance, indicating you will potentially have a credit balance due back to you from financial aid funds.

Financial Aid Recipients

Financial aid recipients who have questions about the status of pending financial aid items should contact Financial Aid Office.  Financial aid recipients have the right to reject or request a reduction in some or all aid funds awarded to them, even if that aid has been disbursed to their student account.  To do this, students must notify the Financial Aid Office in writing within 14 days of disbursement.    

Cancellation of aid funds may result in an unpaid account with Linfield College unless the amount due is paid by the tuition due date for the current semester. An unpaid balance on the student's account may prevent future registration and/or the ability to obtain transcripts and/or the student's diploma, so the Student Financial Services Office highly recommends that students contact their office to discuss all of the possible ramifications before taking this action.

Please note: The Student Account Center webpage works best with Firefox and Safari browsers.  It is always recommended to use the most up-to-date version of a web browser to ensure compatibility with the latest updates to web security.  If you are unable to gain access you will need to adjust your pop up settings as this is a secured financial site in compliance with federal regulations.