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Sociology and Anthropology - Sociology Courses

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SOCL-101  Fundamentals of Sociology

Sociological concepts and explanations of social organization and social behavior; organization through social roles, intimate groupings, large groupings, large organizations; sociology as social science and agent in improving human welfare. Prerequisite: freshman or sophomore standing or consent of instructor. 4 credits. (IS or US)

SOCL-201  Deviance: Individual and Society

Definitions, cultural contexts, and power issues surrounding deviance. Power-conflict, structural-functionalist, control and labeling, theoretical understandings of such issues as a violent behavior, white- and blue-collar crime, social control, race, alcohol and alcoholism, drug use, heterosexual deviance, male and female homosexuality, mental disorder, and mental institutions. 4 credits. (IS or US)

SOCL-297  Topics In Applied Sociology and Social Work

Introductory-level course focusing on key issues in social work and applied sociology, such as addictions, homelessness, domestic violence, and poverty. May be repeated once for credit with different content. Prerequisites: SOCL 101 or consent of instructor. 3 credits. (IS)

SOCL-335  Sociology of Education

Examines the sociological principles that relate to education in the United States. Topics include theoretical approaches to education, stratification, adolescent behavior and subcultures, the relationship between education and other institutions, and educational reform. Prerequisite: SOCL 101 or consent of instructor. 4 credits. (IS or US)

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