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Sexual Misconduct & Relationship Violence

Reporting Options

There are a variety of ways to report sexual misconduct and/or relationship violence. All of the following options are available to you, and can be pursued separately or simultaneously.

Formal Misconduct Reporting

A formal misconduct form may be submitted. This form is not anonymous and information contained in the form will be reviewed by Linfield University officials. With the formal misconduct report form, contact will be made and resources will be provided to the reporting party and responding party. Completing this form does not constitute a police report. Formal reporting may be done through several college offices:

  • Linfield Public Safety - 503-883-7233 (24/7)
  • Residence Life - contact your residence hall RA or Residence Area Directors in Mahaffey 127 - 503-883-5433 (24/7)
  • On-Campus Advisors (Advisors are available to help students identify the services that will best serve them and guide them through the conduct process, if that reporting option is chosen)
  • Title IX Officer - Susan Hopp: 503-883-2588
  • Title IX Deputies
  • Student Conduct and Community Standards Officer – Adrian Hammond, 503-883-2349

Formal reports may also be submitted through several non-Linfield offices:

Formal Report online option – The report is called a public report form, because it is available to all students to file a report.  It is not made public and is only viewed by the Dean of Students Office.

Anonymous Reporting

NOTE: The anonymous reporting option is intended for use by current and former Linfield students and employees only. All others can use the formal reporting option above, which supplies the University with contact information to allow for follow-up from a member of the University Title IX or Conduct Office.

An anonymous sexual misconduct form can be completed online. This option is applicable if you do not want any follow up regarding your specific case. Completing the anonymous report form does NOT constitute a police report or a student conduct report. Anonymous reports are used to gather and record information regarding the incidence of sexual assault on and around our campus, and to inform the community about the campus climate. You will not be asked for your name or contact  information on this form.

Anonymous reporting may also be done through these non-Linfield agencies: