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Community Engagement and Service

First CLAS Program Information

Welcome to First CLAS! We are excited for you to participate in the program. Through the week of community, leadership, action, and service you will be able to experience personal growth, meaningful community service, new friendships, new communities, and more. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Good luck with your preparations to come to Linfield College. We are very excited to have you on board and we look forward to meeting you on Friday, August 17, 2018!

Timeline, Scholarship Information, & FAQs for Admitted First CLAS participants


February 1, 2018 - Participant applications available

July 1, 2018 - Participant and scholarship application due

July 20, 2018 - Acceptance notifications sent via email

July 27, 2018 - Deadline to confirm participation in program

August 3, 2018, - Paperwork and program fee due. A credit card portal is available between July 21 and August. 5.  If paying by check, mail $50 program fee (Check to 'Linfield College' with a note on the memo line "First CLAS') and all paperwork (Medical information and Student Agreement) to:

                                        Joni Claypool
                                        First CLAS, Linfield College
                                        900 SE Baker St. A536
                                        McMinnville, OR 97128

August 17-August 22 - Attend First CLAS

Scholarship Information

First CLAS aims to be accessible to all participants regardless of income or financial situation. If you have requested a scholarship, an application has been included in your Welcome Packet.

If you did not request an application, but are interested, find it here (scholarship application).

Please note: Due to the low cost of First CLAS ($50), the scholarships will be granted only to students whose family have limited financial resources. The determining factor of eligibility will be the FAFSA filed by the student.

July 1 - Scholarship applications due with the other application paperwork to Linfield College

July 20 - Scholarships awarded to students. Notifications will be sent out via e-mail with acceptance to program.

We are happy to work with families to make sure that First CLAS is accessible. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


Since First CLAS is not providing transportation to/from the airport, how can I get to campus?

Email Joni if you are interested in a shuttle from the airport.  it is not guaranteed we will provide one, but a list of interested students will help us determine if there are enough. 

You are welcome to network with other students and look for a ride from other admitted students, we recommend using the Facebook group: First CLAS 2018 (coming soon!).  (you'll have to request permission to join the group, which we would love!).  If you need to book a shuttle through a privately owned company, contact Joni for a recommendation.

Can we move into housing early?

No. Housing will open at 9AM on Friday, August 17, 2018. You are not eligible to arrive earlier than that date, and we are unable to accommodate early arrivals.

Should our parents plan to stay later than 5PM on the first day?

The First CLAS program will be packed with activities, keeping you very busy.  Your parents will receive an orientation as part of your early arrival that will cover most of what is covered the following week during the official Linfield Orientation. In summary, please plan to say goodbye to your parents on Friday, August 17 at 5PM.

Are program fees refundable?

Program fees are only refundable with a doctor's note indicating an illness or ailment would prevent the student from participating in the First CLAS program, or a death or illness of member of immediate family.

If we live close by, do we have to stay on campus for the whole program?

Yes. First CLAS is designed to build community. No matter where you are from, you will be required to stay in your assigned and designated on-campus housing for the duration of the program unless you are a commuting student.

Will there be any free time to explore?

There will be break times when you will have an opportunity to rest and relax. But most of the time is scheduled from 8:30AM-10PM every day! It will be filled with fun service & leadership activities and plenty of exploring the Linfield campus and community.

What should I pack?

There is a packing list included in the Welcome Packet. Remember that it is not a comprehensive list, but only covers what you need for First CLAS. You'll probably want more for college! 


Day by Day: First CLAS Pre-Orientation Program
 by 2016 Student Coordinator: Gabby Zeman

Day 1: Meet and Greet! Your first day of college can always be a little nerve-racking, but take time to enjoy setting up your new room and meet people in your hall. Begin the program by meeting more amazing people and learn what you get to do this week! My personal suggestion is to make your bed first, that way if you don’t finish unpacking you can at least sleep easy in your new bed.

Day 2: Challenge by Choice! We are spending the majority of the day at Camp Yamhill’s ropes course, yay! The first full day of the program is filled with trust, fun obstacles and getting closer to the people you met yesterday. I recommend having as much fun as possible. Bonus- you start learning about leadership in tough, yet supportive situations.

Day 3: Where am I? After playing all day at the ropes course, try for a more relaxed setting by learning more about Linfield and McMinnville. Enjoy a campus tour to find your fall classes, as well as a super fun scavenger hunt to help familiarize yourself with McMinnville’s Third Street. Even though the scavenger hunt has you looking for specific places, take a second while you are down there to explore the other places Third Street has to offer.

Day 4: Meet the Alumni! Start your day off on the right foot by volunteering with a local non-profit while learning what they do and why. Come back to campus and enjoy a workshop. Then end the night by meeting some amazing Alumni.  One of Linfield’s and the program’s greatest assets are the Alumni who are open to answer questions as well as invite you into the Wildcat family.  Make sure to ask them what their favorite memory was, it’s always a great story!!

Day 5: How can we help? Start off your day by working with a different local non-profit and see how they help the community!  Come back to a another workshop where you become more familiar with your own leadership style and start thinking differently about civic engagement.  Of course we have another fun evening activiity planned.

Day 6: Are we done already? Last day of service is usually the greatest and hardest. By working with local non-profits throughout the week you start to get invested in what is done by all of these people and for the community. Take a minute to thank them for everything they do! Come back to the last set of workshops and finish the day with pizza with friends around the firepit (actual bonfire may or may not happen, depending on weather). This night is always the hardest and you don’t realize it until it’s here! P.S. it is totally a common experience for leaders and participants alike to get emotional; that being said, thank your leaders for everything they have done!