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Nationally Competitive Scholarships & Fellowships

Competitive Fellowship/Scholarship for Graduating Seniors


Up to 40 scholarships for  1-2 years study in a British university. Any discipline. Travel expenses covered.  Bachelor's degree from US college/university required by the beginning of scholarship; 3.7 average or above; US citizen. Applicants considered by geographic region. Student DEADLINE to be considered a Linfield nominee: September 18, 2018; DEADLINE: October 1, 2018. www.marshallscholarship.org


A wide range of one-year grants to support study, research and/or teaching abroad.   Over 100 countries participate and over 1000 grants available. Designed to further mutual understanding among different cultures and nations. Most require language proficiency in language of country, but many English-speaking countries, including Canada, participate. Grantees usually plan own program. May include study at a foreign university, research, classes at a conservatory or art school, teaching assistantship, special project in the social sciences or sciences, or combinations thereof. US citizen; BA or equivalent. Student DEADLINE: September 14, 2018; campus interviews: late September and early October; ADVISOR'S DEADLINE: October 4, 2018. http://us.fulbrightonline.org/home.html


About 40 scholarships for graduate study or a second undergraduate degree at Cambridge University in England with long-term goal of producing future leaders dedicated to improving the lives of others.  Applicants must be admitted to a Cambridge College.  Student DEADLINE: September 18, 2017. DEADLINE: October 2, 2017. http://www.gatesscholar.org/


Sponsored by the US-Ireland Alliance. Up to twelve awards for post-baccalaureate study or research at an institution of higher learning in Ireland or Northern Ireland. US citizens. Student DEADLINE: September 12, 2018; DEADLINE: September 28, 2018. https://www2.us-irelandalliance.org/content/3/en/George%20Mitchell%20Scholarship%20Program%20|%20US-Ireland%20Alliance


Federally endowed program funds graduate study (up to $24,000) in a US university master's degree program in U.S. history or political science or an MAT or Med with a focus on U.S. government or history. Must teach full time in a secondary school for every year of fellowship. US citizen. One fellowship per state. Student DEADLINE: February 13, 2019. DEADLINE: March 1, 2019. www.jamesmadison.com


Approximately 1,000 awards of three years of support for early stages of graduate studies in most research-based sciences and social sciences. $30,000 annual stipend. U.S. citizen, national, or permanent resident alien. Additional awards for women and minorities. DEADLINE: October 24-7, 2018. Early GRE scores recommended. (See application for details.) http://www.nsfgrfp.org/


Supports two years of full-time study (in most fields) at the University of Oxford in England.  32 granted per year to US citizens.  Selection by geographical region. Residency may be home state or state where applicant is a student.  US citizen and students of 16 foreign countries (age 18 to 24). High academic achievement and integrity of character. Physical fitness. Student DEADLINE: September 18, 2017; DEADLINE: October 2, 2017. www.rhodesscholar.org

Another resource: Students ineligible for these scholarship opportunities may find something suitable by going to the IIEPASSPORT Study Abroad Funding site : http://www.studyabroadfunding.org or  http://www.profellow.com/

For information about numerous other scholarships and fellowships, contact Competitive Scholarships Advisor, Tom Mertes, Walker 101, 503-883-2759 (tmertes@linfield.edu).