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Housing Registration

2020-2021 Housing Registration for Continuing Students

New incoming students for fall 2020 - please visit the New and Prospective student housing webpage
  1. Read this information packet to successfully navigate the online process of housing registration.
  2. Fall Housing Application is open for Current Students April 8th through April 20th. Please log in to the housing portal at https://housing.linfield.edu/StarRezPortal/ and complete the Fall Housing Application. All students must complete the Fall Housing Application to be eligible to join a roommate group.
  3. Understand that the online housing process will take place over several weeks. You will be required to log in to the housing portal multiple times in order to complete all of the steps.
  4. Determine your desired room type (single, double, triple, etc.) and with whom you want to live. If you plan to live in a single, you must create a Roommate Group and verify the Roommate Group, in which you will be the sole member.
  5. Designate one person in your roommate group to be the Roommate Group Leader.
  6. The Roommate Group Leader will create the Roommate Group in the housing portal. Only the Group Leader should create a Roommate Group.
  7. The Roommate Group Leader will then share the Roommate Group Name and Password with the rest of the roommates.
  8. All remaining roommates will log back in to their housing application on the housing portal and click on Step 6 (Roommate Group). Choose “Join a Group” and enter your Roommate Group Name and Password to assign yourself to a Roommate Group.
  9. Once all roommates have joined the Roommate Group, the Group Leader will then log back in to their application on the housing portal – choose “Verify Roommate Group.” IMPORTANT – Your Roommate Group will not be assigned a Room Selection Timeslot if the Roommate Group Leader does not verify the Roommate Group before the deadline of 8:00am Monday, April 20th.
  10. Roommate Groups will be assigned timeslots to select their room based on the number of combined cumulative credits earned through Jan Term 2020 (including transfer credits) of all roommates in a group.
  11. Your Room/Apartment Selection Timeslot will be emailed to you by 5:00pm on the evening prior to your housing registration window. For example, Housing Registration (Room Selection) for all quad roommate groups will take place starting at 1:00pm on Friday, April 24th. These roommate groups will receive an email with their Room Selection Timeslot by 5:00pm on Thursday, April 23rd. If the Roommate Group Leader needs to be changed because they are not available during the group’s designated timeslot, the Roommate Group Leader can designate somebody else in the Roommate Group as the Group Leader. They can log into their application on the housing portal, click on Roommate Group, then select someone else to be the Roommate Group Leader.
  12. Prioritize your housing preferences. Have several possible options in case your first choice is unavailable. Check the Residence Life website (linfield.edu/reslife) for housing floor plans and options by room/hall and a complete list of cost by housing type. (Note: floor plans are subject to change and are not to scale.)
  13. When it is your Roommate Group’s designated Room Selection Timeslot, your Roommate Group Leader will log in to their application on the housing portal, at which time the Room Search function will be enabled. They will use the Room Search Wizard to choose a room/apartment and assign beds to all students in their Roommate Group. You must have enough students to fill the occupancy of a room in order to reserve it.
  14. You will receive an email informing you of your room/apartment reservation. All roommates in the group must log back into their application on the housing portal and sign the housing contract.
  15. To live in the suburbs (College owned apartments) each student must be suburb eligible. Only students who will be a 3rd year college student (minimum) or will be 21 years of age by the start of fall semester, August 31, 2020, are eligible to register for the suburbs.
  16. Once you have a room assignment, your room is secured for the 2020-2021 academic year. There will be a $300 contract cancellation fee assessed to any student who does not honor the online housing contract. The cancellation fee will increase to $600 after July 1, 2020.


Housing Registration Schedule  (When Room Selection Timeslots will open online)

Friday, April 24                                     Apartment and Residence Hall Quads/Suites                   Timeslots assignments begin at 1:00pm

Tuesday, April 28                                  Apartment and Residence Hall Triples                              Timeslots assignments begin at 1:00pm
Friday, May 1                                         Apartment and Residence Hall Doubles                           Timeslots assignments begin at 1:00pm
Tuesday, May 5                                     Apartment and Residence Hall Singles                              Timeslots assignments begin at 1:00pm     

Housing Changes for 2020-2021

  • Pioneer Hall will re-open as an all women’s hall.
  • Potter Hall will return to being a co-ed hall
  • All students are required to complete online housing registration each semester. If a student does not complete the online housing application and must be manually booked by housing staff, the student may incur a $50 manual booking fee.

Credit Hour Priority for Timeslot Assignments

Room/Apartment Selection Timeslots will be assigned to Roommate Groups based on the TOTAL number of COMBINED credit hours earned through Jan Term 2020 by the students in the Roommate Group. Roommate Group Leaders should log in to their housing application on the housing portal as soon as their Room Selection Timeslot opens in order to maximize options.

Suburbs (College owned apartments)

The Residence Life website, www.linfield.edu/reslife, currently shows all Suburb apartments and their occupancy. Only students who will be a 3rd year college student (minimum) or will be 21 years of age by the start of fall semester, August 31, 2020, are eligible to register for the suburbs. 


Students Currently Studying Abroad or on a Leave of Absence

Students who are currently abroad or on a leave of absence will complete the same online housing selection process.

Students Studying Abroad during 2020 Fall Semester or the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Students that will be studying abroad during fall semester 2020 or the full 2020-2021 academic year must complete the online housing registration process by Monday, April 20th by 8am. It is your responsibility to let us know that you will not need housing by completing the short application. Students cannot “hold a spot” open for another student who is studying abroad.


Fraternity Housing

Students planning on living in a fraternity house must complete the online housing application by Monday, April 20th to be eligible to live in fraternity housing. The application process will ask what fraternity the student plans to live in. The housing office will provide each fraternity president and treasurer with a list of members requesting to live in fraternity housing. Students must meet academic requirements to live in fraternity housing.


Off Campus Housing Exemptions

Linfield University is a residential campus and requires all students to live in college housing for three years. A student may be exempt from college housing if the student meets at least one of the criteria listed below:

  • 4th year college attendance (minimum)
  • 21 years of age prior to the start of the 2020-2021 academic year (August 31, 2020)
  • Living with parent(s) or guardian(s) in their primary home of residence within Yamhill County
  • Student is Married or registered domestic partnership
  • Student has qualifying dependent(s) living with you in your primary home of residence

If you do not meet the off-campus exemption criteria, there is an appeal process. Only appeals based on a significant financial hardship or a unique extenuating circumstance will be considered. All appeals must be made via the Online Off-Campus Housing Exemption Form. Log into etrieve using your CatNet ID and Password, then click on forms.. To receive an access code for this form, please email askstudentaffairs@linfield.edu.


Meal Plan Options

Students will choose a meal plan through the housing application. All students living in a residence hall or students living in fraternity housing (who are non-suburb eligible) must be on one of the following three meal plans:

  • Plan A Unlimited: unlimited AYCE* meals + $125 Flex ($2,910 per semester)
  • Plan B Weekly: 12 unlimited AYCE* meals per week + $330 Flex ($2,830 per semester)
  • Plan C Block: 100 unlimited AYCE* meals per semester + $600 Flex ($2,700 per semester) *All You Care to Eat


There is no meal plan exemption available for students living in residence halls or for students living in fraternities (who are non-suburb eligible). Our campus dining services program can accommodate your special dietary requirements. Students with special dietary needs or concerns are encouraged to contact Javier Lopez, General Dining Manager at jlopez4@linfield.edu.

Rooming with an Incoming Student

If you have a friend who is a first year or transfer student with whom you would like to live, that person must have paid their matriculation fee and completed their housing application through the housing portal by April 20th. You must both be eligible for the same type of housing in order to be able to form a Roommate Group. For example, a first or second year student who is only eligible to live in residence halls will not be able to set up a roommate group with a student who is eligible to live in the suburb apartments.

Need a Roommate

If you need a roommate for the 2020-2021 academic year, you may post a message on the “Linfield University Roommate Search” Facebook group. To access this group, search for the “Linfield University Roommate Search”. Once located, click “join group” where you will be verified to be a current Linfield student before you are allowed access to the group. If you cannot find a roommate, you must still complete the process through Step 5 (Additional Information) of the housing registration. This will help Residence Life place you with another returning student or current student who is also without a roommate at the end of the housing registration process. Do not attempt to register for housing if you do not have enough eligible students to fill a room or apartment. We will assign you housing and notify you via email by June 15.


Housing Accommodation

If you have needs that require a housing accommodation, please email lss@linfield.edu. Housing accommodations are approved through the Learning Support Services. Approved housing accommodations must be received by the housing office from Learning Support Services by Monday, April 20th.

If you currently have an approved housing accommodation, you must re-submit a recommendation letter to renew your housing accommodation request each academic year with the LSS office. If your housing accommodation is approved, you will receive email notification. You must still complete the online housing application through Step 5 (Additional Information).  If you will be living with a roommate, you will also need to create a roommate group, Step 6.  The Housing Office will work with you to find appropriate housing to meet your housing accommodation.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Linfield University wanted to create a living environment where people do not have to identify with a gender label. Gender Inclusive housing does not consider gender as a factor in the housing application process. First floor of Campbell Hall provides gender inclusive bathrooms open to all users regardless of sex or gender identity.  Private stalls, with partitions going nearly to the floor and ceiling, enclosed toilets, urinals, and showers with individual changing areas. It is not advised that people in romantic relationships live together. If you would like to live in Gender Inclusive housing, please complete the “Gender Inclusive Housing Application” form, available on the Residence Life website and turn it in via email to askstudentaffairs@linfield.edu. Once approved, you will be notified via email. Please note: You will not be able to create a mixed gender Roommate Group on the housing portal. The housing office will create the add the approved roommate to an existing Roommate Group, and you will be notified of your Room Selection Timeslot via email.


Pet Friendly Housing

Linfield has one pet-friendly residence hall for Fall 2020: Jane Failing. Pet Friendly Housing Applications are due Monday, April 20th. Jane Failing Hall is a co-ed residence hall by floor and spaces will be limited with applications being considered on a first come, first served basis. There is an additional application required for pet-friendly housing. The pet-friendly housing policy guide and application can be found on the residence life webpage at:


Pet-friendly applications are due Monday, April 20th by 5:00pm. If you plan to live in pet-friendly housing, please select a room in Jane Failing Hall during the room selection process. There are singles and doubles available to choose from.


2020 Summer Housing

It has not yet been determined if summer housing will be available. The Housing Office will update students once more information has been gathered.


Waiting List

If you do not get into the specific room or type of room you want when you register, you may put your name on a waiting list.  To ensure that you will have housing, please reserve your second-choice housing selection. The waitlist will be ranked according to credit hours and will close on Friday, May 8th. The Assistant Director of Housing Operations reserves the right to override those on the waitlist in unusual circumstances, particularly in order to maximize the number of available beds.


Contacting the Housing Office

Unfortunately due to safety precautions regarding COVID-19, our office in Melrose Hall is not open. However, dedicated staff are still available to answer your questions and help alleviate any concerns you may have surrounding housing registration. If at any time you would like to get in touch with someone from the Housing office, please email askstudentaffairs@linfield.edu.




  1. All students are required to complete online housing registration each semester. If a student does not complete the online housing application and must be manually booked by housing staff, the student may incur a $50 manual booking fee.
  2. You will not be allowed to register for college housing without having the correct number of people to fill the space.
  3. If you plan on living off campus, you must complete the housing application indicating that you will be living off campus.
  4. Once you file an exemption request, and are approved to live off campus, you give up any right to campus housing priority should you later choose to live on campus.
  5. People may not switch rooms or roommates, or register for rooms they do not intend to occupy, in an attempt to take advantage of credit hours. All such situations will be dealt with on an individual basis.
  6. If you have signed a housing contract or been assigned college housing there may be a contract cancellation penalty assessed if you decide to cancel your housing:
  • Prior to July 1 - $300 Contract cancellation fee
  • July 1 to last day of classes Spring Semester - $600 cancellation fee + pro-rated fee for weeks of occupancy



Commonly Asked Questions and THEIR Answers


Q:            I am 20 years old and I have 61 credits. Can I live in the Suburbs (College owned apartments)?

A:            No, only students who will be at least a 3rd year college student (regardless of credit standing) or will be 21 years of age by the start of the academic year, August 31st, 2020, can live in the suburbs.


Q:            I am not in my 4th year of college or age 21, but I have senior class standing (94 credits) and I want to live off campus with my friends.  Can you make an exception?

A:            No, Linfield University is a three-year residential college and requires all students to live in college housing, unless they meet one of the following criteria:

  • 4th year college attendance (minimum)
  • 21 year of age prior to the start of the 2020-2021 academic year (August 31, 2020)
  • Living with parent(s) or guardian(s) in primary home of residence within Yamhill County
  • Student is married or in a registered domestic partnership or
  • Student has qualifying dependent(s) living with you in your primary home of residence.


Q:            I will turn 21 years of age during the middle of the academic year, can I live off campus after my birthday?

A:            No, you must turn 21 years of age by the start of the academic year, August 31st, 2020.


Q:            I do not have a roommate. Can I pay the difference to sign up for a double room and keep it for myself?

A:            You must have the required number of students designated for the room. If you do not have a roommate, you cannot sign up for a multiple occupancy room during the housing registration process. Once the housing registration process is complete, you will work with Residence Life to select housing and you will be assigned a roommate.


Q:            If I want to live in the same room or apartment, do I have a priority over other students to live there?

A:            All rooms and apartments (with the exception of rooms reserved for Residence Life staff) will be open at the start of Housing Registration. Students will not be given a priority to live in their current room or apartment. 


Q:            Can I leave my belongings in my room or apartment over the summer?

A:            No, conferences are held throughout the summer and the Residence Halls and Suburbs are used to house conference attendees.


Q:            Where can I store my things over the summer?

A:            The College does have limited storage for students who will be living in the Residence Halls in 2020-2021.  Students store their belongings at their own risk.  Storage is not available for students in the Suburbs.  Students are encouraged to go together with roommates or friends to rent storage units in McMinnville.


Q:            If I still have Flex dollars from spring semester will they carry over to next year?

A:            Spring Flex dollars do not transfer to the next academic year.


Q:            If I do not need all the furnishings in my room or apartment, is there any place to store the furniture?

A:            No, Linfield does not have a place to store furniture not in use. Removal of furniture is not an option.