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Gender Inclusive Housing

Linfield strives to foster inclusive and supportive living environments for all of our students. And, as with all of our housing options, gender-inclusive housing provides an atmosphere designed to cultivate academic success, cultural relevance and a safe sense of wellbeing.

Helpful definitions:

  • Gender-inclusive room/apartment: a residence hall room or apartment with roommates determined without regard to biological sex or gender identity. This option is available in Memorial Hall and the college owned apartments. Memorial Hall and college owned apartments have private gender-neutral bathrooms.
  • Gender-neutral bathroom: a private bathroom with locking outer door available in designated buildings throughout campus to be used by members of the community without regard to biological sex or gender identity.
  • Gender-inclusive bathroom (not available at Linfield at this time): a common area bathroom open to all users regardless of biological sex or gender identity. Private stalls, with partitions going nearly to the floor and ceiling, will enclose toilets urinals, and showers with individual changing areas.

Applying to live in gender inclusive housing

This housing is intended to meet needs that are not otherwise met by our other housing options. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Non-gender binary students
  • Trauma survivors
  • Allies

Current Linfield students: please fill out the Gender-Inclusive Housing Application.

Incoming students: if you are interested in gender-inclusive housing, contact Residence Life to determine the best placement based on individual circumstances, need and availability.

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