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Roommate Info

Roommate Information

Where am I living?
In July, you will be sent a housing letter informing you of which Residence Hall and Residence Hall room you will be living in for your first year at Linfield. You can find information about your Residence Hall on the Housing Options pages.

Can I have my own room as a first year student?
All freshman students are housed with other freshman students in double or triple Residence Hall rooms. Residence Life feels that living with roommates is an important part of the Linfield experience, and your roommate will be one of the first valuable connections you make here at Linfield.

Who is my roommate?
In your housing letter, you will find contact information for your roommate(s), including: home address, telephone number and email address. Residence Life and the Office of Admissions individually match you with a roommate based on your Housing Preference Form. It is important to us to make a match that will allow all students to be successful.

What should I do after I have my roommate’s information?
Once you receive your housing letter, we encourage you to contact your roommate(s). Knowing a little bit about your roommate(s) is a great way to feel more comfortable during your first few days at Linfield.

Some things you may want to talk about include:

  • Hobbies
  • Academic interests
  • Family
  • Living expectations
  • Sleeping habits
  • Musical tastes
  • Favorite foods
  • Favorite movies
  • What you will share in your room

Don’t worry if your roommate doesn’t hold the same interests as you. You will actually be better off if you and your roommate aren’t exactly the same! Some of the most successful living situations happen between people with different experiences, personalities and interests. Having a roommate who is different from you creates a great opportunity for you to learn. Once you get to Linfield in August, you and your roommate(s) will get to experience your first year of college together and will be able to help each other through the transition.

What can I expect from a roommate?
It is a good idea to assume that you and roommate will not be best friends. This expectation generally results in disappointment. Once you get to Linfield, you will be requested by your Resident Advisor (RA) to complete a Roommate Agreement. This will help you as you learn how to share your living space and issues arise. Some aspects of living with a roommate you may want to think about or even discuss with your future roommate before arriving on campus:

  • Hours you like to sleep
  • Conditions that help you study (ie quiet music, middle of the afternoon, etc.)
  • Sharing belongings
  • Visitors in the room
  • Sharing food
  • Cleaning the room
  • Smoking
  • How to handle conflicts

If you have any concerns about your living situation for the fall, please feel free to contact Student Affairs at 503-883-2278 or housing@linfield.edu. We will do the best to answer your questions and address your concerns.