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Residence Life

Why live on-campus?

Linfield College strives to connect learning, life and community. The residence life experience is integral to Linfield’s educational program, and the Office of Residence Life promotes a positive living and learning community. All students are required to live in on-campus housing unless they are in their fourth year of housing, 21 years of age at the start of the academic year, married or living with parents locally. In fact, the housing options are so comfortable and convenient that many Linfield seniors also choose to live on campus.

We know at Linfield that living on campus has many benefits.

Retention – Students who stay on campus perform better and are likely to graduate as opposed to those who do not. Students who live in college housing consistently obtain a higher GPA than students who live off campus.

Connection to the college – Students who stay on campus are more connected to the college. They develop a sense of belonging and community. Students are more engaged in what occurs on campus. Involvement in student organizations and student leadership increases for students living on campus.

Access to important resources – Students living on campus have easy access to classes, academic buildings, professors and study resources such as the library, writing center, and computer labs, etc. They also have easy access to other important resources such as the health center, counseling center, gym, various sports fields, and post office etc.

Peace of mind resulting from safety and security – The presence of CPS, professional staff and RAs who monitor surroundings 24hr/day offer a safer living environment. Furthermore, students have facilities equipped with card swipe access and emergency call phones.

Social life – Living on campus allows students to develop a solid group of friends and study partnerships. They build networks that last a lifetime in many cases. It is very easy for them to make friends when they live on campus.

Acquire life strategies and gain independence – Students who live on campus have a smooth transition into independent living as they have a team of staff such as RAs and ADs who offer support as they navigate personal decision-making. They receive guidance and strategies on how to solve conflict, self-advocate, manage stress, work with groups of diverse individuals, be organized, and manage time, etc.

Cultural diversity – Students on campus are exposed to various cultures and ways of life that enhance their personal growth and global worldview.